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9 Tips For Pleasuring A Woman With Your Hands

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When done right, it's incredibly hot. But whether you're ten to sex or an unofficial vagina expert, fingering can be incredibly intimidating — everyone has different preferences, and hey, anatomy is complicated. They say sex is like pizza: When it's bad, it's still good. We beg to differ, especially when it comes to sex with your hands.

For the most part, dry, fast, and furious fingering does not feel pleasant. But wet, built-up, and conscious use of hands on pussy? If you're new to this type of sex, it's important to choose partners that are understanding and supportive of your hand virginity. Be honest that this is new to you to create an atmosphere of communication and understanding.

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sma,l And no matter how many times you've done this, it's still important to replicate Fingerung environment with each new partner like we said, everyone's different. That said, it's also helpful to establish a baseline of fingering skills. So here are nine tips on how to finger someone in a pleasurable manner. Tren photos Turn them on. Fingering can be uncomfortable if the receiving partner is not properly aroused, since vaginal lubrication is key to comfortable penetration. While everyone Fingeriny every situation is different, tantric sex coach Devi Ward says to give those with Fingering girl small teen 20 to 45 minutes to reach full arousal.

So while foreplay sex acts before penetrative sex often includes fingering, to be an expert at sex with your hands, think of fingering as another form of penetrative sex, and tack on the foreplay before inserting fingers. Kiss, caress your partner's breasts, touch their inner thighs, or do whatever works for them to create a state of arousal. Foreplay can get someone wet, but there are many factors that affect vaginal self-lubrication. Women going through menopause experience vaginal dryness due to hormone changes ; anti-estrogen medications used to treat endometriosis can also create vaginal dryness ; and some report vaginal dryness as a side effect of anti-anxiety medications.

Vaginas can be finicky. Sometimes, even with no medical explanations, they just don't get as wet as you or your partner would like. Thankfully, you don't need to rely on natural lubricant, because there are plenty you can buy. Of course, there are people out there who stigmatize lube based on an unrealistic expectation that all vagina-owners should be able to lubricate naturally at all times. But here's the truth: Lube makes sex more pleasurable for lots of womenregardless of their age or medical status. So if you or your partner needs it, get some and enjoy. Getting over your own fear of lube is worth saving your partner from a chaffed vagina. More View photos DJ. Prior to penetration, break out your DJ-ing skills and take two fingers your index and middle and flatten them like a DJ would on a turntable.

Then, gently use your fingers to rub your partner's clitoris in circular motions, increasing speed and intensity gradually.

In Fingering girl small teen to the hand motion, an Usher greatest hits playlist probably isn't a bad idea, either. More View photos Start with one finger. Even Fignering he does it at night I feel like Smqll want him to do it again in the morning. If he does it giirl stops before I finish I get really irritated but try not to let it show. But then I teem kissing him and s,all again to see if he will do it. If he doesn't I get moody sometimes and even sometimes go to the bathroom and do it myself. It's weird, it feels like I need to.

The last time he stayed over I told myself I would not do this and be normal and not initiate anything. I do this every time but I always end up doing it. Like last time he stayed over I started initiating stuff at night and he did it to me. In the morning he started doing it to me again but just as it was starting to get good he stopped. Then I felt really irritated and did stuff to him, then was kissing him and stuff and saying he was quiet but he said he wasn't in the mood. Then I got moody and was like fine then just reject me. Then I lay a while and he turned the other way and I said fine then I'm going to have a shower. I went to the bathroom and did it myself and came back and lay there and said I was too tired to shower yet.

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