Naked pictures in front of open windows

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My neighbor is not shy to be naked in her apartment with windows open wide

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We draw a line around spaces where we feel there's a reasonable expectation of privacy — whether inside our homes or the private parts of our bodies. But taking a photo up a woman's skirt, even if she's wearing that skirt in a public place, typically elicits rightful condemnation. The privacy issues raised by these photographs are perhaps easier to assess than in other circumstances, since Svenson's art is just that — art. It's very good art. That's a tall order no matter where you live. We now choose to close our kitchen blinds rather than face a barrage of daily abuse from the defendant.

Open in of windows Naked front pictures

Despite repeated interventions by his landlord, year-old Robinson-Graham has refused to stop his antisocial behaviour. He was also regularly seen standing near to windows partially naked. Everything he photographed was visible from his own home, where he looked into the floor-to-ceiling windows of a luxury building across the street.

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