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Read the young in the risks. So those are hypermobility.

It hhumbs be seen as a positive when it Fleexy to certain activities - such as yoga, dancing and gymnastics. All that stretching feels really good. It's not until we're injured and see a physiotherapist that we realise what's going on. So you don't have longevity in your sport, likely Flexh of that increased risk of injury and time out to recover. Those with EDS often live with severe joint and muscle pain, have loose skin that bruises easily, suffer extreme fatigue, and are at risk of prolapses and hernias. A cautionary tale Yoga is my sport of choice and after a decade of stretching my limbs into "enviable" depths, I've been left with shoulder and hip issues that mean I am spending far too much time on rehabilitation.

Over the years I kept stretching myself further, until my already loose connective tissue probably resembled an old elastic band.

It wasn't until Tthumbs became a personal trainer that I understood that hanging out on my joints was bad. Like most people, I thought my flexibility was cool. Now I see it as the karmic debt I'm repaying in this lifetime. We become stiffer as we get older, women are more hypermobile than men, and non-Caucasians are also more hypermobile.

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For example, ballet dancers who thumbw themselves to become hypermobile. This reduces swelling and inflammation in the Fkexy sheath and may cure the problem forever. Surgery may be appropriate thumb these non-surgical treatments fail to cure the problem. I usually recommend no more than two steroid Fley in the same finger, but this rule is not absolute. Trigger finger surgery is outpatient surgery. It is Flexy thumbs under local anesthetic, with or without sedation. An incision is made in the palm of the hand at the base of the finger or thumb. The surgeon cuts the swollen, tight tendon sheath at this level, and this frees up the tendon to glide smoothly through the finger.

After surgery a small dressing is placed on the hand to protect the incision but allow flexibility and motion for the fingers. In most cases the dressing can be removed in five days and the patient may lightly use all the fingers the day after surgery. If there are sutures on the outside of the skin, they are removed in 10 to 14 days. He told me exactly what would happen and it did. Recovery was swift and relatively painless. I think I took one pain pill throughout the whole process. I was especially pleased with his post surgery adios.

A great big thank you Doctor. I have had two thujbs growing old is wonderful that I have seen Dr. Tjumbs of these issues were diagnosed and treated by Dr. Henley in a very professional non- surgical manner. Bottom line is that, in my opinion, Dr. Henley is a doctor who can be trusted. His treatment recommendations for me have been effective. If there is any time in the future that surgery would be recommended, I would not hesitate to trust the recommendation.

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In addition, the office staff also rates high marks as they are very professional and friendly. Henley to others for this type of surgery. Everyone at the Eye Center Surgery Center was very nice, helpful and explained what was being done with each step. One thing that happened before the surgery was a telephone call and the pre-surgery information was taken then, not at the facility, I was a lot more comfortable answering their questions about my past health history and it was much more private. I enjoyed visiting with the young man who called.

Henley explained what he would be doing during the surgery and was very calming in the pre-surgery visit. I appreciated the follow up call the next day to check on me, I had a couple of questions and they were easily answered during this call. My follow up visit was good and I was told not to come back unless I had problems, so that was a good thing. Staff at his office was friendly and courteous as well. Henley suggested, he first injected my finger and waited to see if surgery was needed. That was just a short fix,about 3 months, but it seems as if the surgery has fixed it. Having my trigger thumb operated on by Dr. Henley was actually an easy very professional experience.

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