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Dental Dam Use

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For dentistry ssex involving bonding with adhesives Da cements it is to be encouraged as the operative field must avoid contamination in order to achieve maximum bond strength between restorative material, enamel and dentin. Poor bonding may compromise the success or longevity of the restorations. There is some evidence to suggest that the use of a rubber dam may increase the survival time of dental restorations compared to the use of cotton rolls as an isolation method.

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Corrosive endodontic irrigants such as sodium hypochlorite bleach are contained, which could damage the soft tissues of the mouth and be harmful if swallowed [8] Reduction in the risk of cross-infection in the dental practice by decreasing the microbial content of splatters and air turbine aerosols produced during dental treatment [9] When rubber dams are used in association with amalgam restorations, they may reduce the person's exposure to potentially harmful adverse effects of mercury ingestion [10] [11] Sealing agent used on a patient to fill in some gaps between the rubber dam and gingiva, after a tear was caused in the rubber dam Protecting soft tissues of oral mucosa from sharp instruments or materials.

A caulking adhesive is sometimes used to fill in the gaps between the rubber dam and gingiva. It can adhere to wet rubber dam, or mucosal tissues. The dental dam significantly reduces the ability of the dental patient to communicate. This can be considered a disadvantage see belowor an advantage, e. Although not expensive, this cost would not be incurred if it was not used Rubber dam clamps may break during dental treatments due to effect of sodium hypochlorite or autoclaving. Damage to the oral mucosa when placing or removing the rubber dam.

Since it effectively blocks off the oral airway, the patient must be able to comfortably breathe through their nose. Of relevance are temporary causes of nasal airway obstruction such as the esx cold, or persons who continually breathe through their mouth for whatever reason. To an extent, it may lead to visual distortion of tooth morphology since the other teeth and the rest of the mouth are hidden from view. This may lead to perforation if an access cavity is incorrectly angled during root canal therapy. For this reason, some endodontists routinely begin their access cavity before applying the dam, to ensure the correct orientation before the root canal system is opened up.

The dam, which is usually brightly colored blue or greenmay alter the apparent color of the tooth, which can lead to incorrect choice of shade, e.

For dengal reason, shades are normally chosen before the dam is applied. Latex allergydepending upon the severity, may demtal the use of rubber dam uncomfortable afterwards allergic contact dermatitisallergic contact cheilitisallergic contact stomatitis or even life-threatening anaphylaxis. Nitrile versions are available for those with latex allergies, however this type of dam is more stretchy, therefore a smaller size of hole should be punched in the dam. Some patients find the dental dam claustrophobic. Hold the dam in place. To hold the dam in place for hands-free pleasure, purchase a holder from a specialty shop or use a garter belt.

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Do not stretch the dam. If lubricant is desired, use only water-based lubricants on vaginal or anal areas before putting the dam in place. Take care not to get lubricant on the fingers as it might make it difficult to hold the dam in place. Each dam should be used only once. Advantages Helps reduce the risk of catching sexually transmitted infections Available over the counter without prescription Disadvantages Some people may be allergic to the rubber latex Reduces sensitivity What if I don't have a purchased oral barrier? You can easily make your own barrier out of a condom.

Use a condom that isn't lubricated with spermicide since you'll be putting your mouth on it. They're simple to make. First unroll the condom, then: Cut off the tip. Now cut down one side. You now have a square latex barrier. You can also cut up a latex glove not a kitchen glove to make an oral barrier with a bonus. Get the kind without talc inside, since again, you're going to be putting your mouth on it. Cut off the fingers. Cut off the base.

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