Blue cross blue shield and vaginal rejuvenation

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Women Are 'Duped' in Quest for Perfect Vagina, Says Doctor

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Berliet wrote about her experience in an article called "Designer Parts," for the Atlantic magazine. The vagina on the charts looked like a porn star. The American College of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reports 2, women elected such surgeries in But these numbers might be on the low side.

Shield Blue and vaginal rejuvenation blue cross

Iglesia, a reconstructive pelvic surgeon and director of the female program at the National Center for Advanced Pelvic Surgery in Washington, D. And people are paying cash up front. It's just not right. The biggest risks in such procedures are infection, altered sensation, dyspareunia painful contractions of the vaginaadhesions and scarring, according to ACOG, which says women need to be informed about the lack of data on these procedures and their "potential complications. Others had labiaplasty that left them with labia that "looked like Swiss cheese," Iglesia said. Sometimes the nerves around the clitoris were damaged.

Online forums reveal numerous accounts of "botched" surgeries. She tore the right labia minora and made it one third the size of left labia minora, but I'm not correcting that -- too painful. A perineorrhaphy or reconstruction of the episiotomy tissues is the final piece of the puzzle. Reconstructing this area results in more sensation during sexual intercourse for the woman and her partner as well as enhanced muscle control in many cases. Although these procedures result in better anatomy, better sexual function and better physiologic function better urination and sensationthey may also result in better appearance because when our anatomy is more normal, we feel more normal.

All the procedures described above are indicated surgeries although they may be scheduled electively, at a time that suits the patient. These procedures are covered by dhield insurance policies as they are for real diagnoses. These procedures are frequently not covered by insurance and are not related to the anatomy or function of the vagina but only appearance. Whereas reconstructive surgery can result in better appearance, rejuvenation surgery does not necessarily result in better function. Labioplasty or surgical adjustment of the lips of the vagina is rarely necessary.

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I have performed labial surgery in cases shiled the two lips of the vulva are uneven rejuvenatoon exceptionally elongated. Otherwise, normal variations are just that, normal variations and should be left as is. Tampering too much with the labia can lead to scarring, areas of numbness, prolonged swelling, pain, and sometimes no improvement in sexual function. Vaginal reconstruction is an effective tool in restoring normal sexual function and anatomy as well as improved appearance. Consulting with a urogynecologist will result in the best possible outcome. I recommend discussing your concerns with your gynecologist or requesting referral to a specialist.

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