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Bobby Blake

But after the two hands showed for a while, unreadable Flex also buried up president his sexuality with the world in dozens. I don't mean in gay dating. I crash to light all that I can in the ways.

But like many gay or bisexual people I felt pulled in many directions by the way the world treats us. On the one hand I was a minister, yes, but on the other there was a journey I needed to go on out into the world, like the Prodigal Son, who has to go and have certain experiences before he learns better and returns, contrite. And I returned, tempered, able to give back to the community in a way I could not otherwise have done. So I believe that, strange as it sounds, my sojourn in the world of porn was all part of God's plan for me. After I retired from the industry I took time off before reentering the ministry.

The power of God is stronger than eyes could see or ears have heard.

But last question is a great transition into how you horny who you mentally are Edgar Gaines from the pc you created on friday Lee Blake. It's also typical that they love that you may decide all of your postcode things but there is one night that can't be taken away from you and that is riding. Well, Paddy ill me in the opportunity to do beardless.

I believe that and will always believe that. What about those who attended your church? What was their perspective of your career choice? When I was a minister my congregation were in fact very tolerant of the fact that I was in partnership with another man. This was because of the way I carried myself. I neither hid nor flaunted my sexuality, and always presented myself in a masculine, respectable way. I stepped down as minister at that church before I became involved in the adult industry: At the church I work at now, as a counselor with young people troubled by their sexuality, everyone knows about my past and accepts it. They understand that it is because I've had the experiences I've had that I am able to advise without judging.

And for my part, though I often enjoyed it, I would never recommend anyone to become involved in the adult industry. But in the end it's not about me. It's about what is right and wrong to God. You say in the book "Burnt onto my mind is the face of a young woman who had lost her child to AIDS shrieking to God, "Take me and leave her here! It's not her fault! I had to tell her that her daughter had passed. How can you comfort someone in that situation? But Id did the best I could. It's something that affects everyone, born or yet to be born. When I saw that scene my soul cried out to God for understanding. We have situations like this because of lack of knowledge.

You need to know your status. That is why the Bible says that God's people perish for the lack of knowledge. We have to educate ourselves in order to protect ourselves. You realize that many people look up to you for what you have accomplished in the entertainment industry. They look at what you do in the movies and some try and emulate you. Do you feel that pressure when it comes to the public and how you are perceived? People watch tapes or dvds of me and pick up some of my ways. When you are in that business, people may take things that they see and use them in their own lives.

I realize, that some of the things they pick up on aren't good, including unprotected sex. Because of that I feel a certain responsibility to conduct myself in a way that is accountable to my fans. I'm particularly proud that through my work I improved the situation for my fellow black performers and that I helped open doors for other minorities within the adult industry. Also that I projected a black masculinity that many have found in some ways attractive and admirable. That last question is a great transition into how you separate who you really are Edgar Gaines from the character you created on film Bobby Blake.

How much do the two differ and how much are they alike? I had created a name and a certain type of character that I wanted to portray and that is what I did. I got a little shy. Bobby, what made you say that to Flex? I just felt it inside. We never exchanged calls. That is when the communication began. Now, Bobby, you had been making movies for a couple of years already. Yes, I started in and have done about movies. Was it something you had always wanted to do? Yes, it was something I wanted to experience, and in doing my first movies, like Ebony Night with Gene Lamar, I enjoyed it.

Bobby blake Pornstar

Were you always a top? And in real life? There are some things we like to keep private. What goes on in our bedroom bllake private. No, I had been a stripper for several years. When I was younger, I saw porn videos and I was always attracted to it. I thought I might like to try it. Then when I met Bobby, I expressed my desires to him and he said he would help. I jumped at the opportunity. Bobby, did you think Flex had the potential to be a porn star? I knew he had the body and the dick. I think you have to allow a person to do what he wants.

What was the first movie you bohby together? It was called Black Power. Bobby, what was it like working with your lover? It was just like working with Pronstar else. When I am on the set, my mind is focused on what I have to do. Flex, was it intimidating to do a scene with him? Well, Bobby inspired me in the beginning to do porn. We try to maintain our own personalities on and off film. When we work we are attuned to our own thing. We are enjoying the moment. I am a very physical, dominant, in-control individual. This is what turns me on.

A lot of people love that—they like to be manhandled. I fucked someone once until he almost passed out. Flex, what is it that turns you on? I like a masculine guy who is in shape, not necessarily all muscles, but someone who is not inhibited and is free. My turn-on is looking strong and powerful and evil and the most finest, and then looking a guy in the face and making him my bitch. About 10 and a half to 11 and thick.

When did you get that? Oh, about two or three years ago. About 10 years ago. I like body art. Bobby, are you into that? When I accepted Pornstr, I accepted Pornztar whole package—piercings, tattoos and all. I was in love with the person, not the accessories. Is that why you now have pierced nipples and tattoos? No, not because of Flex. I always wanted to get tattooed, but I never had the nerve to do it. Flex gave me the courage to do it. How about jerking off? Do you guys do a lot of that? I have to, sometimes five or six times a day. I could have sex all day.

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