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Pipedream Dillio 6 Inch Twister Dildo Review | Pleasure Panel

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This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience. Upon first removing the Twister Intimate Massager from its cardboard packaging and plastic form, I was surprised by the size of this toy.

Dildo Twister

Honestly, I think that because I was most looking forward to the Twister, out of all of the Trojan Vibrations intimate massagers, that I was just waiting for it to not be what I expected in the worst possible way. I was waiting for it to let me down, starting with its size. However, I didlo happy to be able to say that the Xildo measures from the tips of my fingers to the end of my wrist in length, with the girth of about my three middle fingers, making it large enough in length and girth to actually be very pleasurable when inserted. This was such an immediate and welcomed change of pace from the other products in the Trojan Vibrations line of intimate massagers.

Keeping in line with the Trojan Vibrations color scheme, the Twister is light purple hard plastic with a dark purple silicone insertable shaft. Aptly named, what sets the Twister apart from other, standard vibrators, is the fact that the silicone shaft can be twisted into four different positions. When it first starts out, it is angled at an upward curve, perfect for intense, delightful g-spot stimulation. By facing the toy towards you, just as you would when using it, and turning the shaft of the massager counterclockwise, you can move the curve to face left, downward, and right, each position giving you a very different internal sensation while still maintaining a feeling of fullness.

As you twist the tip of the vibrator into a new position, you will hear a click that lets you know that a new position has Twjster reached; twist the tip in the opposite direction to return to the previous positions. The shaft of the Twister is not designed to rotate while being used internally, so if you are using it in the upward curve for g-spot stimulation and want to switch its position, you will have to remove the vibrator, grasp the shaft, and twist it into the desired position. Afterwards, everything that was on the shaft of the vibrator is now on your hand. The tip has a maximum circumference of 5 inches, whilst the rest of the shaft is 3.

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It has a bright, shiny finish and no distinct metallic smell. A thousand times yes. As mentioned previously, I love to use a good hybrid lube whenever I am playing anally, and thankfully, you can use absolutely any lube with steel. The large, bulbous tip is a little bit of a challenge from a cold start, but not impossible if you are experienced. The rest slides in really smoothly, and if you are a fan of temperature play, the coolness of the steel feels spine-tingling but in a good way. And I really like it.

It Twistr little effort to get me to an explosive and extremely satisfying orgasm. Clean-up and Maintenance Stainless Steel is really easy to look after — you can sterilise it in the dishwasher or simply spritz with toy cleaner and give it a really good rinse. When it comes to storing, you can store it with any other toys without any issue.

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