Kumas asian bistro

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Kuma's Asian Bistro - Naperville

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I'm always up for a change of pace. Try their Honey Walnut Shrimp small plate, made with a special tasty sauce.

David Sharos is asuan freelance reporter for the Naperville Sun. Sure, that's part of it, but a lot of these restaurants — a place like this — you're dealing with dishes that have been around for decades. Owner and executive Chef, Kuma Kim has a wide variety of aromatic, appetizing, and distinguishing dishes that are prepared to order; using the freshest, highest quality ingredients. OK, so you're a local guy.

There are thousands of people cooking in the city every day bjstro not everyone becomes a celebrity chef like Bannos or Bayless. So how did your exposure to food and being in the kitchen start? Looking for a great date night restaurant or a catch-up dinner with your girlfriends? The commitment to quality, consistency and great service.

Bistro Kumas asian

It kind of started as a hobby and then my friends convinced me to get into it professionally. From small plates to signature dishes, hibachi dinners to wok stir entrees, an abundance of rice and noodle options, there is a vegan, gluten-friendly, shell fish free, or meat-filled fare for everyone. When you do go out to dine here in Naperville looking for a change of pace, where do you go? As a Naperville-focused real estate agentI publish this website to promote our community and help current and soon-to-be residents discover the best of Naperville homes and lifestyle. I want an escape and to enjoy my evening.

It's a stone bowl filled with rice, vegetables and the meat of your choosing, and a spicy Asian sauce. This combination of distinctive flavors enhances authentic Asian dishes and offers a new flair to Asian cuisine.

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I wouldn't try to recreate it, it's not my specialty. By John Reh Tired of the old meat and potatoes? Where are you from originally? Looking to spice up your dinner and forgo the meatloaf?

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