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The horse cock was almost 2ft long, and was jsrks pink with some purple spots. She felt the fist sized knot stretching her rectum, securing the prick tightly in her anal cavity. Immediately horse cum began leaking out of her pussy around the huge cock inside of her. Mila would get particularly turned on seeing the huge horse cock erupting a flood of sperm into various slut-holes. The men patted the horse and kept it calm as Mila picked its huge cock up in both her small hands.

She was grunting and wailing with the overwhelming pleasure as her orgasm began. Rich kept a hand on his cock and a hand on her clit as she writhed beneath the huge, bucking horse. Her thick lips hung open with the pleasurable pain filling her loins. Scott helped his parents around the house and yard when he came over, and Mila always helped Lily with some chores and cooking.

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