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Here Are The Best Sex Shops In NYC

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With so much choice, you might never run out of options and surprises for bringing something extra to the bedroom or wherever. Stepping inside is no stoores from stepping into any retail store with its bright color scheme and well-organized shelves. Not only do the products cater to people of color, women of color also get a 10 percent discount. Some of these have been made famous, but a majority are local favorites that come ha! If you're into neon, this is the place for you. Check out more, here. Troll Hole, which celebrates its first anniversary with a party at Starr Bar on Thursday, doubles as a sex shop.

SHAGRoebling Street Brooklyn, NY; Photo courtesy of SHAG View photos Museum of Sex Along with providing New York City with one of the most expansive and expert-curated sex shops, the infamous Museum of Sex is indeed actually a museum and hosts erotic and educational exhibitions on everything from the sex lives of animals to vintage portraits of burlesque dancers. Rainbow Station8th Ave; Photo courtesy of Rainbow Station More View photos The Pleasure Chest If you're looking for a sex toy shopping experience that's akin to browsing fine perfumes or expensive jewelry, then The Pleasure Chest's glass displays and carefully positioned merchandise should do the trick.

In a space that fits just 10 people at a time, nipple clamps, vibrators, and lube launchers share shelf space with publications that are primarily made by, for and about diverse people and experiences. The city that never sleeps needs something to do all night. The city's sex shops cater to a variety of needs. But situated inside of a Bushwick laundromat is a very different kind of feminist bookstore. After opening inthe store merged with gay leather fetish store DV8 in in an effort to achieve the broadest fetish selection in the city.

Brooklyn in Sex stores

The woman-owned business sells everything from G-spot vibrators to Effy Blue's "Sexy Go-Bags" that contain all you need for a safe and steamy night out. For now, their goal is to get more vendors and make enough to start paying themselves. Finding the time to source more products has proven to be quite difficult, especially while maintaining their full-time jobs. What are you going to do about it?

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