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Continues pressure -should- not cause any problems. Still from a safe and sane viewpoint conciously putting pressure on the belly of a pregant lady does not strike me as safe and most definitly not as sane! Fluids A pregnant woman, especially in the last weeks of her pregnancy holds fluids, these fluids will press on nerves and muscles. That is the first sign of lack of blood flow. Avoid putting your partner in a position where she has to work hard and might exhaust herself, she is maintaining two lives and needs her energy.

Oxygen will be less available to her, and in the later months of pregnancy the baby will press upwards on the diaphragm, making it harder to breathe deeply. Avoid having your partner motionless for longer periods of time. As a rule of thumb use minutes max for a motionless position. By not moving you can decrease the blood flow to the baby. Avoid positions where a fall might occur if things go wrong, this might ruin two lives instead of one. This greatly helps the pelvic expansion during giving birth. For us bondage enthusiasts this means the body joints of a pregnant woman becomes more flexible.

This might cause unnecessary strains. Breasts The breasts of a pregnant woman are changing, growing. There are milc ducts developing to breast bellles the baby after birth. If you tie the breasts, oriental style, make sure you tie either a loose tie or a little above or below the breast and still not tight! Hydrating Always keep water available. The activation of hormones i. Hormones can be activatd through anticipation or apprehension for the upcoming session, stress, and more. When this dizzy feeling occurs keep her hydrated and make sure she stays cool.

Bellies Bdsm

Suspensions This is the most simple one. Suspensions are risky edge play by any standards. With everything that could beloies wrong with suspension or pregnancies alone, there bsllies no real need to join the two together. It is not worth the risk! Do the research if you are going to tie up a pregnant woman. Bob October updated: We are very aware of this but feel this article is not the place for it. I have no medical background whatsoever. I performed more than a few sessions with a pregnant woman with mutual consent.

I did my homework and was overly cautious.

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This article is assembled from discussions I had with different people Japanese and Western and from discussions I participated in on different mailing lists. Plenty of breast wounds are also featured. Cinedeath - A comprehensive library and resource of video clips, pictures and information dealing with female death scenes: Hidden Dreams - This site is for those who like to indulge thier Hidden Dreams of stories of rape and murder, Detective style magazine covers, photo manipulations and artwork, crime scene posters of missing raped and murdered women.

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