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The suspect was not observed operating the boat so he was arrested and charged with public intoxication. During fishng trial, his case fell apart when the warden's bodycam footage was played to the county judge. Facebook Fail On Nov. He stated he was upset that bass boats had passed him and caused his boat to shift. He was very agitated and either aiming a gun, or acting like it, as boats passed.

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The well-intentioned person who originally caught the deer could no longer take care of it as a pet so he attached white tags to its ears and released it on a nearby ranch. He Huhting contact with the homeowner, who admitted he knew hawks were protected but he didn't want it to get his chickens. During a brief interview, the suspect told the warden he had purchased a license and tagged the deer. The warden found posts on Facebook of the suspect with the deer, and verified the individual did not have a valid hunting license. After hearing testimony and viewing a few seconds of the undressed violator in action, the judge abruptly stopped the video and walked out ruling in the state's favor.

No gun was found. The hawk was seized and the subject received a citation for taking a protected bird species.

The deer was well-known in the community after one of its residents had illegally taken possession of it as an abandoned fawn. The warden then informed the hunter that he had already verified that he did not have a license. The warden educated the subject on legal and non-lethal options to protect his chickens from birds of prey and other predators.

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