Vintage racing cycles

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Vintage Racing Bike

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Ultimately, entirely moulded carbon fibre frames and forks were developed and these became increasingly commonplace in the early 21st century to the point where they currently represent the norm in racing circles.

What this points to is a rapid and fundamental change in the technology of producing racing bicycle frames in the late 20th century. Accompanying this was a dramatic geographic relocation of manufacturing. In the space of a few decades, the shift was from the traditional one of skilled artisans, concentrated primarily in Britain, Italy and France, assembling steel tubes using hand held brazing torches to technicians, mainly in Asian countries like Taiwan, moulding frames from synthetic materials which are then cured by heat in an autoclave. As a result, in the early 21st century the occidental industrial art of producing lightweight steel racing frames all but evaporated as worldwide demand for these declined.

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In the process, most of the enterprises but especially those which produced made—to—measure rider specific quality steel racing frames virtually disappeared along with the equipment associated rxcing these machines. However, the period machines, frames and equipment themselves have, to a greater or lesser extent, survived in all of the countries in which competitive cycling was practiced in the 20th century. It is these that are prized by contemporary enthusiasts and collectors. The reason is simple: How will I recognise a classic 20th century racing machine when I see one?

Racing cycles Vintage

It is also important to note, however, that the frame may have been repainted and carries no distinguishing transfers or decals. What follows cyclee help you in further appreciating it. What are the main types of racing machines? Three types of racing machines were produced during the 20th century: We are open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9. All enquires are welcome to: Please include the following information in your enquiry: Item details full title of item, including number if stated The address to which to post to I will then send you an invoice with all the details you need in order to make a payment and complete the sale.

I have had several cases recently where somebody has ordered an item, and paid a week or so later expecting it to be still available. I am always keen to buy new stock — bicycles, frames or parts of the type on this website ie older classic racing and lightweight but NOT roadsters, shoppers or carrier bikes. Please contact me via email in the first instance. There will be several others too over the next week or so.

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