Homosexuals in professional sports

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Notable athletes who have announced they are gay

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Social change happens when somebody sportw decides to do it, and nobody decided do to it. The professioanl to start is the locker room. Michael Sam speaks to reporters after a Cowboys practice at the team's headquarters on Wednesday, Sept. Some may have an image of a locker room being a place where gay people are put down and where homophobic slurs are thrown around in a casual manner. But people who work with gay athletes tell a different story.

It exists in sports the way it exists in the rest of society. When I realized I was gay in the 10th grade, I knew immediately what I was Homosexualx was not OK, and that didn't come from me playing little league football. It came from television. It came from everywhere. Part of what is keeping gay athletes closeted, Zeigler said, is the hyper heterosexism that exists in locker rooms. Negative talk about gay people is not the issue. Instead, it's the demeaning talk about women. I talked to a lot of people," Zeigler said. It's not the constant uttering of homophobic slursit's the constant conversation about women and sex with women.

If that changed in a locker room … that would change the dynamic for gay athletes. The rest of the world is on board. The rest of the world has come so far, so fast. Yet sports continue to lag. In a corporate sense, the sports world is aligned with the rest of the world: But that threshold of an openly gay athlete playing in one of the four major North American professional sports remains stubbornly persistent. You've had Jason Collins' two seasons in the NBA -- a span in which nothing happened, and nobody seemed to mind -- and that was it. You had Michael Sam, who was the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL, but he was promptly cut before playing a down during the season.

And there has been nothing since. I'm reminded of something John Ameachi told me five years ago. But they remain hidden. There is literally no other remaining field in America that is like this. Not politics, not business, not entertainment, not even religion. And I think that you can point to days like Tuesday to help explain why this is. Curt Schilling, the now-former baseball analyst for ESPN who I don't think, as a baseball analyst, was particularly bad and a former player who should be in the Hall of Fameposted this to his Facebook page: Curt Schilling responds to meme controversy: Schilling's post was exactly the sort of ugly fear-mongering that has helped bills like the one in North Carolina -- which is not about bathrooms at all, but about equal treatment under the law -- pass in the first place.

It was the latest in a long line of questionable posts by Schilling. But, regardless of the consequences, Schilling's post was exactly the sort of mindset that is more prevalent in sports than any other public field: But more disturbing was the Blackhawks-Blues game Tuesday night, in which Chicago center Andrew Shaw appeared to scream an anti-gay slur from the penalty box. Here it is, if you want to see it.

Sports Homosexuals in professional

Both men paid their fines and apologized. Rajon Rondo, suspended for a game earlier this year for calling a spotrs official that word, had a couple of tries at apologizing and finally got it right jn second time. Shaw initially said"I don't know what I said," but on Wednesday apologized. Hearing this language being used in a game -- and a heavily scrutinized game meant for the public at that -- is astounding, and baffling in any other context. Even the most anti-gay congressman doesn't toss that word around. It is something that is unique to sports. And I don't think it's difficult to see the connection between that uniqueness, and the uniqueness of there being no openly gay athletes in the four major professional North American sports.

Again, sports have made some great progress, and even some people who have said bigoted things have made progress.

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