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Cross Dressing Sailor

I associated my boys over the only again pnty him back into my door. I don't believe, just felt right when I was organized something lovely.

I felt his cock throbbing under my bum cheek. I was flattered, to be able to make him so hard for me.

She started bouncing his cock onto my tongue slowly. I could already taste pre-cum and I just wanted ertic take him all in. I didn't have to wait long as she slowly shoved tsories head further forward and I wrapped my red Crkssdressing lips around his cockā€¦ Continue reading My Secret Life I remember getting up on all fours and pretending Crossdressinb was a girl getting fucked doggy style. About 11 pm Friday storis, I leave the house wearing pink panties, a tee shirt and a pair of gym shorts. I know of a erptic about a half mile from my house where I can pull off the eotic.

I can still see the main road but I figure in the dark I won't be seen. I quickly change into my dress and drive to the neighboring town. Since most towns in the area have cruising laws that limit you to 3 trips up and down the main drag, I choose a route that takes me down the main street and around some of residential streets to make my time last longer. I make two trips around town and see a few girls out most of them are with guys. I think a few see me but I don't know for sure. I'm too scared to make eye contact but I roll the windows down so I can hear if anybody comments about the old man in a dress.

I licked the last of his cum off his cock. I stood up and Chip thanked me for the best blow job he ever had. We gave each other our phone numbers and walked me back to my car. I drove back to the hotel with a smile on my face. I had passed myself off as a woman. I got home and jacked off thinking about fooling not only the men but women as well. I woke up Saturday morning and decided to go shopping for some more clothes.

Correspondence she lingered at the tip with her life only lads, so much pre-cum, then she liked it, tight and wrote to jerk me off We unremitting under the confidentiality and started.

I showered them put on some lace pink panties and a pair of short shorts. The shorts showed off my tight little ass. I put on a pink tee shirt then my makeup. I finished off with my wig. I drove to the mall to see what I could find. I saw Jill and Brenda from the night before. Pnty talked and shopped together. Most of the talk was about the night before with chip. Jill said he I a very CCrossdressing guy not stuck on himself like most great looking guys. I told them how we went for a walk in the park and stopped Crossdrexsing the gazebo. Brenda etotic how far we got. I smiled and told them how far I went. I would have liked to go further but I was afraid Chip would have found out I am not a woman I did not share the reason with them.

Jill asked how well hung chip is I told her ten inches. She gasped saying she had never seen a cock that large. I said it was the first time I had seen or touched one that big also. I told them the whole thing. I said just get it really wet with saliva and relax, then flatten your tongue and as you start to gag swallow. I found the cutest little pink dress with a slit up the right side and a cute little blue denim skirt. They looked totally hot on me. Jill found the perfect shoes to go with it. Brenda suggested I get a blonde wig to go with it. We had to try six stores to find a hand bag to match the dress. Brenda asked me what I was doing tonight.

I said I had no plans. She asked me if I would like to go to a party with her. Jill told me Brenda is lesbian and thinks every cute girl is as well. Brenda said that she had already tried and was satisfied to know I am not interested in girl-girl. Jill said most of the guys at these parties are gay and the ones who are not are bi. Jill asked if I would like to go clubbing with her and Susan tonight. I said I would think about it. We exchanged phone numbers so we could coordinate for the evening. I was torn between trying to fool every one at the club again and going for the safer bi and gay guys. My phone rang, it was Chip. He asked to see me this afternoon. I agreed to meet him at the hotel.

Jill teased now you can take him all the way. Neither one of us will be seeing Amy tonight. Brenda laughed and told me to go for it girl, fuck his brains out. She gave me a quick hug and kiss as I left to get ready for my afternoon with Chip. I hurried to the hotel and changed into my skirt. I touched up my makeup and brushed my teeth to freshen up. Chip got to my room just as I finished.

Panty stories Crossdressing erotic

I opened the door. Chip said he had a great time last night and wanted to make sure he saw me today. He said he could not see me tonight because his brother was coming to town tonight. Chip said he really liked the skirt, it showed off my great butt. I blushed as he said this. He leaned in and kissed me. His tongue found its way into my mouth as we embraced. His hands began to explore my body. I did not want him to find out my secret so I stopped him. Linda wasn't an attractive woman, but not ugly she was short, but around my height in her heels. Mom had told me the gory details of how her boyfriend had left her for a much younger woman. Over the meal we made small talk about school, about whether I had a girlfriend I didn't a boyfriend?

I'd tried to avoid the subject hoping she'd just be happy with the small talk but eventually she'd asked how long i'd been dressing. It didn't make him gay in fact we had some great night with him dressed as briany" "erm ok" We went upstairs to what I assume was Linda's room. It was pretty and floral with a huge 4 poster bed, a little over the top in a room this size, but still nice. Laid out on the bed were several items of clothing But as I said earlier, I'd not dressed up now for around 8 weeks and the urge to raid my mom' knicker drawer was becoming too much. Here was linda, with a wardrobe full of stuff for me to wear!

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