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Super Dave runs the fictional "Super Dave Compound"—a combination resort, theme park, learning center, and anything else needed for the plot-line of a particular episode. His signature logo, a drawing of his head in a crash helmet directly atop a pair of shoes with no visible body, was from his most iconic and early sketch "Balloon Ball". Many of his misadventures were based on demonstrating various aspects of the compound. Character sketch[ edit ] Super Dave is billed as an "accomplished" stuntman, though he rarely succeeds when performing the stunts depicted on-screen. These include such mishaps as riding inside the hub of a giant yo-yo suspended from a crane the yo-yo broke free of its string and rolled off a cliff into a ravine and being flung by a catapult inside a giant football the catapult malfunctioned and " spiked " the football instead of throwing it.

When Japanese tourists were arrested for taking naked photos of themselves in a bird sanctuary in the Philippines ineverybody was shaking their head in disbelieve. After such a mishap, Super Dave would usually appear torn apart, stretched, or otherwise injured.

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The "stunt" consisted of his standing in a hole in the ground reciting "balloon ball" as a repetitive mantra which was supposed to imbue him with the ability to not be harmed by anything, as a mobile piledriver rammed the top of his head. Tabloids and Yellow Press wer filled with this for days in as officials tried to track down Yakuza producers with surveillance cameras from checkpoints and checkin counters. Public nudity from Japan.

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