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Cellulite Massage Massage, which stimulates and activates lymphatic mzssage, increases the pace of blood circulation and contributes to taking-out of toxic substances and therefore reduces the cellulite creation, improves immune system and protects body from infections. Masage Massage Reflexology is an art based on the principle that there Asina reflex spots on feet that correspond to all parts of body, organs and systems and that these spots are mirror of body anatomy. The pressure applied over reflex spots with special hand and finger skills is a method that gives one the feeling of relaxation as it helps reducing stress, causes physiologic changes in body to normalise body functions.

Indian Head Massage Indian head massage is a massage technique that is safe and efficient in killing pain and tension in addition to its hair-improving-feature. Indian massage is also a very efficient solution on negative consequences of stress.

It is a technique applied over shoulders, istanblu, head, and face. It speeds up blood circulation and gives skin ib healty and vivid glow. It relaxes the stiff muscles and takes away masssge expressions of fatigue and exhaustion on face. Eliminating anger, headache and exhaustion, it offers tranquillity and relaxation. Thai Massage Traditional healing Thailand techniques, with the rationality of speeding up the energy flow by stretching muscles, is used in treatment of various disorders. In the massage applied on half-solid ground while dressed without any oils, there are different tightening, pulling, stretching moves applied. Increasing the flexibility and reducing the stress is the ultimate purpose.

Massage balances the energy system of body by stimulating internal organs. Shiatsu Massage It is a very efficient massage performed with the application of pressure on particular points of body by means of hand and palms.

Intense perspiration opens the pores and you feel your skin istqnbul. Offers an excellent environment for physical and spiritual wellbeing ; regulates circulation and the expulsion of toxins at a suitable temperature. You will shed the negative energy and be rejuvenated with the effects of the Jacuzzi. What better way is there to end a stressful day by spending time at an indoor pool?

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Experience the joy of sports and vacation for days a year with our semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool. When you are exhausted of the sweltering heat of summeryou can freshen up by abandoning yourself to the cool waters of our outdoor swimming pool at our terrace. Your massage begins with the aromatherapy oil blends of your choice. The massage is applied in aslow and gentle manner to relieve stres and help in your spiritual regeneration. Delight in this soothing experience. Comprising pressure and flexing techniques and also applied with special aromatherapy oils,Bali massage regulates the flow of blood,oxygen, and energy in the body while it relaxes and heals.

A type of massage where hot volcanic stones are placed on certain places on the body while the therapist massages other parts of the body. Volcanic stones inspire a warm and soothing sensation,dispelling the negative energy in the body. A type of massage used as a method of overall rest and relaxation.

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