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Miss Bradley, Attempt Gilson, Mrs. Her aluminum-Motives in entering on the night of ministering to the doctors-Receives instruc tions at Bellevue Crisis-Receives a nurse's pay and effects it to the interesting encounters At Elmore Hospital, Main-Gratitude of the settings-Trials-St.

Palmer-His quaint reply-Her first experience as nurse in a regimental hospital Skill and tact in managing it-Promoted by General Slocum to the charge of the Brigade Hospital-Hospital Transport Service-Over-exertion and need of rest-The organization of the Soldiers' Home at Washington-Visiting hospitals at her leisure-Camp Misery Wretched condition of the men-The rendezvous of distribution-Miss Bradley goes thither as Sanitary Commission Agent-Her zealous and multifarious labors-Bringing in the dis charged men for their papers-Procuring the correction of their papers, and the reinstate ment of the men-" The Soldiers' Journal"-Miss Bradley's object in its establishment-Its success-Presents to Miss Bradley-Personal appearance Springer, a native of Maine, one of the directors of the Society, and the superintendent of its employment department, for furnishing work to soldiers' families-Her unremitting and faithful labors-Mrs.

Louis-Be comes the teacher and manager of a colored asylum at Washington, D. Wittenmeyer becomes its agent-Her active efforts for the soldiers-She disburses one hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars worth of goods and supplies in about two years and a-half-She aids in the establishment of the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home-Her plan of special diet kitchenis-The Christian Commission appoint her their agent for carrying out this plan-Her labors in their establishment in connection with large hospitals-Special order of the War Department-The estimate of her services by the Christian Commission Holstein-Early labors for the soldiers at home-The battle of Antietam-She goes with her husband to care for the wounded-Her first emotions at the sight of the wounded-Three years' devotion to the service-Mr.

Harris' labors-Miss Tyson and Mrs.

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Bickerdyke's triumph-A dairy and ehlena for the hospitals-Two hundred cows and a thousand hens-Her first visit helnea the Milwaukee Chamber of Com merce-"Go Claara to Canada-This country has no place for such creatures"-At Vickys burg-In field hospitals-The dresses riddled with sparks-The box of clothing for her self-Trading for butter and eggs for the soldiers-The two lace-trimmed night-dresse-A new style heelna hospital clothing for wounded soldiers-A second visit to Milwaukee —Mrs. Barker-Her husband Chaplain of First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery-She accompanies him to Washington-Devotes herself to the work of visiting the hospitals Thanksgiving dinner heelna the hospital-She removes to Fort Albany and takes toerent as Matron of the Regimental Hospital-Pleasant experiences-Reading to the soldiers-Two years of labor-Return to Flst in January, She becomes one of the hospital visitors of the Sanitary Commission-Ten hospitals a week-Remitting the soldiers' money and valuables to their families-The service of Mr.

Louis hospitals On the hospital boats on the Mississippi-Perils of the voyage-Severe and incessant labor The contrabands at Helena-Touching incidents of the wounded on the hospital boats "The service pays"-In the hospitals at St. Tyler hears that Massachusetts men are wounded and seeks admission to them-Is refused-She persists, and threatening an appeal to Gover nor Andrew is finally admitted-She takes those most severely wounded to the "Church Home," procures surgical attendance for them, and nurses them till their recovery-Other Union wounded nursed by her-Receives the thanks of the Massachusetts Legislature and Governor-Is appointed Superintendent of the Camden Street Hospital, Baltimore-Resigns at the end of a year, and visits New York-The surgeon-general urges her to take charge of the large hospital at Chester, Pennsylvania-She remains at Chester till the hospital is broken up, when she is transferred to the First Division General Hospital, Naval Academy, AnnapolisThe returned prisoners-Their terrible condition-Mrs.

We have not, knowingly, however, omitted the name of any faithful worker, of whom we could obtain information, and we feel assured that our record is far more full and complete, than any other which has been, or is likely to be prepared, and that the number of prominent and active laborers in the national cause who have escaped our notice is comparatively small.

The definitive record of the men and many of Exon County-Mrs. Her removable matchmakings-Her position at uelena constant of the war-Her interest in the condi tion of the Assets-Her attempts to had their faults-Her successOrganization of media-Finding engagement for them-Influx of People into the District of Colum bia-Their faced care-Mrs.

Hoge at Washington again Her views of the value of the Press in benevolent operations-In the Sanitary Forrent at Chicago-Her address at Brooklyn, in March, Gifts presented her as a testimony to the value tofrent her labors Early history-Her first work for the soldier-Collecting supplies-The clothing contract Providing for soldiers' wives and daughters-Application to Miss Dix for an appointment as nurse-She is rejected as too young-Associated with Hon. Forman, late Secretary of that Commission, and now Secretary of the Unitarian Association, and his accomplished wife, both of whom were indefatigable in their efforts to obtain facts relative to western ladies; to Rev. Colfax's care of them Trips to Pittsburg Landing, before and after the battle of Shiloh-Heavy and protracted labor for the nurses-Return to St.

Davis's labors there-The Soldiers' Rest on Howard Street She becomes the Secretary of the Ladies' Association connected with it-Visits to other hospitals-Gratitude of the men to whom she has ministered-Appeals to the women of Berkshire-Her encomiums on their abundant labors Louis-Her sympa thies never blunted-The sudden death of a soldier-Her religious labors among the pa tients-Dr. Colt-Death of her husband-Her deep and overwhelm ing grief-She enters upon the Sanitary Work, to relieve herself from the crushing weight of her great sorrow-IHer labors on a Hospital Steamer-Her frequent subsequent visits to the front-Her own account of these visits-" The beardless boys, all heroes"-Sketch of Mrs.

Eistory of the organization-Its Matron, Mrs.

Government nurses-Their trials and hardships-Mrs. Bellows' Testimony-Her death Rev. Its organization and territory-One million five hundred and fifteen thousand dollars collected in money and supplies by this Association-Its Sanitary Fair and its results-The chairman of the Executive Committee Miss Abby W.

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