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The officer accused of being the man who ordered the woman to strip, identified as Sanat Umarov, was interrogated by a special team sent to Kattaqurghon by the Samarkand provincial prosecutor's office. Umarov now faces criminal charges. In the capital, Tashkent, lawmaker Rasul Kusherbaev called the police behavior "an insult to the entire nation. The head of the State Women's Committee, Tansila Norboyeva, traveled from the capital, Tashkent, to Kattaqurghon to support the victim and offered immediate help. Uzbekistan's police have long been criticized for mistreatment of detainees, as well as corruption.

Uzbek media have reported that the impoverished woman's house was repaired and renovated within days, using funds allocated by the local government. A Samarkand-based journalist, Karimberdi Turamurod, launched a Facebook effort to collect money for the woman. Some Uzbeks abroad have asked for her children's measurements so they can send clothes and school items, he added. With the collected funds, local activists bought a large wooden door for the woman's house, the reporter said in a Facebook video that shows the newly installed door.

Officials have also opened a small shop in the village for the woman to start her own business. Squatting is sometimes instructed during the visual search, and prolonged holding of a squat can be demanded; squats are sometimes demanded while standing over a mirror so that the observer has an improved view.

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The circumstances in which these inspections may be done are often restricted, such as on individuals refusing to offer to consent to a visual body cavity search for reasons other than anxiety or in situations where there is a strong evidence to suspect the presence of contraband, and require a court order. Legal standing[ edit ] Some inmates and human rights activists argue that body cavity searches are done not so much to stop the flow of contraband but rather to harass and humiliate detainees. A visual inspection of the rectum will not reveal objects concealed deeply inside. Likewise, it is possible to circumvent detection during manual body cavity searches.

In some instances, suspects swallow packages of drugs protected by condoms and allow them to pass through their digestive tract.

Seach Strip

Only diagnostic imaging will reveal the concealed contraband, invalidating the body cavity search. X-ray diagnostic images can reveal concealed contraband that could not otherwise be detected. The yellow marks show capsules of illegal drugs swallowed by the suspect. Such smugglers are often called drug packers or mules. Wolfish is the benchmark case on this issue. In its judgment of the case, the U. Supreme Court established a standard of reasonable grounds for performing cavity searches.

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