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What can I do about my hot feet and what causes them? Answer The feeling bothom warm feet is a fairly common one. There are a few causes of this symptom, although sometimes we are unable to identify the exact cause. The best course of action is to rule out a serious or treatable cause this symptom.

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The warm sensation in you feet could be Veryy by a neuropathy. A neuropathy is a problem with the nerves. Normally a neuropathy will give a oht sensation. There are a few causes of neuropathy. The most common is diabetes, as the high sugar damages the nerves. Other causes include low vitamin levels, abnormal thyroid levels, some infections like syphilis or Lyme's disease and rarely some cancers like multiple myeloma. Talk to your doctor about these. If the skin or nervous system is affected, the feet may burn or feel hot. Lifestyle factors Poor footwear and standing or walking for long periods of time, especially in hot temperatures, can lead to hot or burning feet.

Treatment The treatment for hot feet varies and depends on the underlying cause of the symptoms. Addressing the underlying medical condition When, for example, hot feet is caused by diabetic neuropathy, regulating blood sugar levels may bring relief.

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Hot feet caused by inflammatory and chronic conditions may be treated by managing the condition and following the prescribed treatment regimen. Changing medication Sometimes switching medications may help, nottom in the case of HIV hoh that lead to neuropathy. It is important to only switch medications in consultation with a doctor. Lifestyle changes Wearing different shoes every other day may be a recommended lifestyle change to help treat hot feet. If improper shoes, sweaty feet, or recurrent athlete's foot are causing hot feet, the following changes may help: Wear different shoes every other day to allow each pair to air out between wears.

Ensure shoes fit properly and have Vwry airflow. Use supportive inserts if necessary. Change socks regularly, especially after working out. Look for socks that wick moisture away from the skin, or choose natural cotton socks. Never wear damp socks or shoes. In warm weather, wear sandals that allow the feet to breathe.

Wear flip-flops when using public pools and showers to reduce the risk of contracting athlete's foot or another foot infection. Use foot powder to absorb excess moisture from the feet. A range of foot powders are available to purchase online. Where possible, avoid prolonged periods of standing or walking. Cool down hot feet after a long day, or before bed, by placing them in a basin of cool water.

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