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Asian women face widespread harassment over breastfeeding in public, says new survey

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Milk feeding patterns in the United States during the first Asiian months of life. Issues in the design of breastfeeding research. On Science and American Hreastfeeding Thought. Related Story Breastfeeding in public is normal, says mother who nursed her daughter without a cover on a train In Hong Kong, 40 per cent of breastfeeding mothers said they had faced some sort of discrimination, including "unpleasant experience and complaints", according to a survey by the United Nations Children's Fund.

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Southeast Asian Mothers Research to explain breastfeeding rates among Southeast Asian immigrants has been limited. Women who choose to breastfeed are not randomly distributed across the population. Compared with all mothers in the U. Baisch and associates found that to year-old low-income adolescents intending to breastfeed had more positive attitudes about breastfeeding than those who did not intend to breastfeed, especially if they had been breastfed themselves.

Woman breastfeeding Asian

Warm bodies, cool milk: Incidence of breastfeeding in a low socioeconomic group of mothers in the United States: Prenatal intentions were highly predictive of actual postnatal feeding practices. Breastfeding ethnic origin is strongly associated with income and education, it is difficult to differentiate the effects of socioeconomic status from ethnic origin. Limitations of the Data There are no data on the total length of breastfeeding actual duration and the ages at which other milk or foods are added to the infant's diet. Factors associated with the choice and duration of infant-feeding practice.

A History of Infant Feeding.

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