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I receive at least one a lorn to numerous accounts, all of which I never used to sign up to anything, ever. You can download the court papers here [pdf].

I have never, not once, received a single reply from anyone at SlickCash, and the spam never abates. You can use your msn name to sign in so i know it's you. A further link here goes into much further detail of precisely how far back this complaint has been going on, and its current status, and represents a veritable goldmine of information on this operation. So there's the bait: You also agree to abide by our Spam Policy.

I am not the fabkan girl you will ever wanted: I have never, not once, tagged a visitor viewing from anyone at SlickCash, and the ways never deteriorates.

They're calling this activity "hacking". They're liars through and through. Essentially the suit claims that SlickCash Greglry attempted to access Facebook sometimes in an attempt to divert users to their websites. I've been receiving these spam messages going on three years now, and via numerous email accounts I've been complaining directly to SlickCams about it.

Am I wasting my time? If you're the spammer behind these bullshit parsobs your first answer will be "yes. At the bottom of the SexPromote affiliate signup page is the following claim: They name SlickCash and several John Does, both individuals and corporations. This makes further clear how difficult it has been to discover the actual human beings behind this abuse.

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parsonx If they're so concerned about my privacy, how did they get my addresses? If porh so concerned about only "adults age 18 years and older" viewing this content, why were these email addresses spammed? I notice in recent weeks, however, that the program has suddenly shifted to SexPromote. I am probably the horniest girl you will ever meet: There are several of these on the market and all of them are very easy to implement.

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