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BURNDY Oh25 Hytool Electrical Dieless Ratchet Crimper

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Whether you re a small crimpdrs working with 22 wire or a large utility working with kcmil conductor, there s a BURNDY compression tool available to do the job. The benefits of compression are many, how - ever, probably the most significant benefit is reliability. There s nothing more important to the electrical industry today than reliability. It rep resents the one area that leads to economical installations that burnsy endure for the life of the installation. The repair center is staffed with specialized technicians who provide the best possible tool repair service, for all BURNDY tools, pumps and accessories. We designed and produced the first self contained hydraulic compression electrical connector installation tool in In our continuing efforts to provide the highest quality and highest value connection systems, we offer the current BURNDY tool policy.

If inspection by a certified tool technician shows the trouble is caused by defective workmanship or material, BURNDY will repair or at our optionreplace the tool. This Warranty does not apply Uded Repairs or alterations have been made or attempted by others. Repairs are required because of normal wear and tear. The tool has been abused, misused or Used wire crimpers strippers burndy hytool maintained. The use of any non-burndy products crim;ers resulted in damage to the tool. To replace FOB the original point of delivery any goods which are non-conforming or defective and are so cfimpers by buyer in a written certified mail notice crumpers an officer of BURNDY stripperx the applicable warranty period.

BURNDY expressly disclaims any and all express or implied warranties other than hytkol warranty of its title to goods and the warranty hereinabove set forth. Such disclaimer includes, without limitation, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and warranty of merchantable quality. Limitation of Liability BURNDY will not, under any circumstances, be liable for the cost of removal or reinstallation of goods or the cost of disassembly or reassembly of equipment in connection therewith, or for loss of the use of Buyer s equipment or facilities, or for loss of business or good will or profits, or for cost of inspection or storage, or for any incidental or consequential damages of any nature or description whatever which may arise from BURNDY s sale of goods to Buyer.

Requests for repair charges before work is done must be stated on the purchase order. All tools must be shipped at the owner s expense, prepaid. Airfreight returns will be returned same way collect for non-warranty repair and prepaid for warranty repairs. This warranty and repair policy supercedes all previous policies and is in effect January 1, N-3 US: Long handles provide greater mechanical advantage. Save time, money and lower installed costs with one tool for both nylon insulated and uninsulated bare connectors.

Easy tool operation out of the carton. No need to break in the tool prior to actual usage. A heavy duty forged steel tool, that has a rust resistant finish will provide a long durable life. Will strip AWG wire and cut common size mild steel and non-ferrous screws. Crimps full range of insulated terminals and splices AWG. Cut off dies for common size mild steel and non-ferrous screws. Crimps full range of uninsulated terminals and splices AWG. Full range insulation strippers for wire sizes One step stripping. Comfort grip handles fit hands comfortably helping make the tool easy to use.

Unless otherwise noted, the tools have a trapezoidal crimp type. Full cycle feature builds in reliability and removes the human factor from the finished instal - lation. Full cycle ratchet for positive crimping. Inspection PG gauges available to check each groove. Jaw opening orientation, molded finger and palm grips and the easy reach frame minimize user fatigue. Once started the ratchet mechanism does not allow the handles to be opened until after the full ratcheting cycle is completed. This provides for a completed crimp before a connector can be removed from the tool. The MR8 series of tools are specifically designed with the ratchet mechanism completely inside the body of the tool without a path to reach and defeat the mechanism.

This permits the tools to be used in the most critical applications including nuclear-class 1E terminations, heavy duty industrial, utility generation, OEM, aircraft, and other applications where a dependable electrical termination is needed. One tool to accommodate AWG. Easy groove identification with color-coded dies. Long life expectancy with fully protected ratchet mechanism. Easy one-hand tool operation with long handle length for greater mechanical advantage. Once started the ratchet mechanism does not allow the handles to be opened until after the full ratcheting cycle is completed, unless the user actuates the emergency release lever.

Fully ratcheted tool to assure properly crimped connections. Easy groove indentification with color coded dies. Maximum crimping comfort grips. Compact, narrow nose to work in confined areas. Full cycle feature builds in reliability and removes the human factor from the completed installation. Long handles provide greater leverage. Fully protected ratchet mechanism. Reinforced heavy duty back. Long handles provide greater mechanical advantages. Lightweight aluminum permits easier continuous usage.

Burndy strippers wire hytool crimpers Used

The color coded die wheel rotates to provide a proper match of the die and color coded connector. The stripeprs index is embossed on the crimped connector for permanent inspectability. A ratchet mechanism assures the tool etrippers complete a full cycle before releasing. Molded comfort grips reduce fatigue during continuous use. Ratchet mechanism assures a complete crimp every time. Emergency release mechanism allows tool to be removed from connector in case of mistaken die choice or to reposition tool. Full cycle feature builds in reliability and removes the human element from the completed installation.

Easy groove identification with colorcoded dies. Butting steel jaws and over center cam action assure full crimp force. Each tool comes complete with a 5-year limited warranty.

Features and Benefits Comfort grip handles. Aids in prevention of hand slippage. Reduces fatigue during continuous use. Heat treated steel jaws Reduces jaw buckling and misalignment under heavy loading. Used wire crimpers strippers burndy hytool 9, crimp cycle life. Lasts longer than imitations and will still be working when others have worn out. Multiple grip selections on rotatable die wheels. No lost dies, 9 position color-coded rotatable die wheels. Increase tool life by Used wire crimpers strippers burndy hytool tool wear. Provide enhanced corrosion protection. Engraved crimp groove Die index number. Die index embossment allows permanent inspectability of installed connectors to ensure consistently reliable and dependable connections.

Press Mechanism to Release. Save time, money, and lower installed cost with the original dieless MY tool design. No separate dies required to purchase or to lose. Easy to adjust nest die with knurled steel knob and machine threads. Quality tool with precision machines indentor, component parts and tool body. Comfort grip handles for long periods of usage. Aluminum commercial code cable 8 str. Flexible copper mine machine cable 8 str. Copper aircraft cable 8 str. Aluminum aircraft cable 8 str. Copper aircraft cable flexible Length: The OH25 incorporates a full cycle ratchet and cam mechanism allowing an easy, onehand crimping operation.

The ratchet mechanism provides for properly completed crimps every time before the tool can be removed from the connection. The single crimp covers the complete contact area, eliminating possible overlapping or failure to make the proper number of crimps. No dies to lose. Long dependable life with forged steel jaws and stainless steel indentor. Convenient hole to hang tool. Protection of internal parts provides long life. Ratchet mechanism provides proper crimp and uniform quality installations. Easy one-hand tool operation with spring loaded comfort grip handles.

Proven reliable with years of dependable service. Designed for low maintenance operation. The OUR has a five 5 year warranty. With the use of reduced handle force X dies, additional splices, taps, and terminals can be properly installed. The die inserts snap into the permanent groove easily with one hand and lock securely in the tool with the spring loaded positive lock die retainer buttons. Tool operation is simple: Slip the tool over the connector. The first few strokes grip the connector. Stroke until automatic tool release signifies a completed compression. Proper crimps are assured with butting surface inspection and full cycle ratchet mechanism.

Uses reduced handles force X dies. One tool for most service applications. Improved service through redesign and improvement of many internal parts. Easy visual field check for proper tool adjustment with butting surfaces. Easier tool operation is provided with mini strokes and anti-slip grips. Nest and indenter dies available. WK cutter die permits use of OUR tool as a cable cutter. PT Leather Holster Top grain cowhide saddle leather. Holds one 1 OUR and up to eleven 11 X dies. Full Tension and Non-Tension. The MD has a five 5 year warranty and is designed to provide over 90, reliable crimps installing full-tension and non-tension connectors.

The tool has two 2 permanent die grooves, O and D 3 for distribution tap connectors. The D 3 groove also serves as a seat for die inserts to install additional splices, taps and terminal connectors. The die inserts snap into the D 3 groove easily with one hand and lock securely in the tool with the spring loaded positive lock die retainer buttons. No additional dies required for O and D 3 size tap connectors. Increased strength and greater bearing area is provided with larger steel bolts. Fast, easy, one-hand die insertion. No lost dies with spring loaded positive lock die retainer buttons.

Easy visual field check for proper tool adjustment with orange alignment guide lines. Over 90, crimps provided with Teflon impregnated steel backed bronze bushings. Full crimp force assured with over center cam action. Easy tool adjustment with allen wrench. Cable wire terminals electrical plier crimping tool. Edit columns customize columns? Saving more effort than conventional wire strippers, stripping line are more better, does not destroy the line. Seven dies sets are used to install the burndy Cmr hytool full cycle ratcheting crimper, 12! My crimp tool mfg burndy condition used this burndy! Compare 30 million ads. Hsxt self contained hydraulic hand operated crimping tool, 12 ton, 14 awg?

Burndy hand crimpers strippers on ebay! Wire crimpers and crimping tools crimp terminations can be one of the fastest, most reliable and rugged termination methods. Craigslist, amazon and others? They are part of the description You can also select multiple products and click. Burndy m8nd hytool crimp tool. Kennedy ratchet crimper cable wire terminals el. Wire crimpers for sale? Review write a review. Cycle ratchet crimper is. One handed dieless full cycle ratcheting tool. Find used burndy for sale on ebay. Crimpers photon communications electrical supply co! Brand burndy model y? Burndy crimping tools and dies This burndy hytool is designed to crimp aluminum Burndy souriau crimping tools?

Burndy hytool md7 hand operated cable crimper? Used this burndy dire is designed to crimp aluminum 8? They feature stainless steel construction. Burndy md6 compression crimper tool picclick. The burndy mr15 hytool full. S largest selection and best deals for burndy hand crimpers strippers. Burndy m8nd hytool crimp tool bmi surplus, inc Ratchet crimper vinyl insulated terminals and splices 8? Split bolt connector compatible wire range. Burndy mr15 hytool full cycle. And has insulated handles works smoothly, some rust Crimping tools graybar store. Ya, ys, y1mrtc crimp tool.

Shop our culture of relying tools online. PT for Y35 Cat. Ra and wire ties!.

Thickened and reinforced the metal plate. Can install the cablelok crimpit. Fci burndy known worldwide for connector solutions offers the y1mrtc ratcheting crimp tool mechanical compression tool for crimping copper Wire crimpers and crimping tools waytek wire. There is a cut off die for common size mild steel and non! S needle nose wire strippers will impress even the toughest critics? Brand burndy model y. Burndy md6 compression crimper tool Burndy crimpers y34pla indent die y Shop ebay for great deals on burndy hand crimpers strippers? Burndy ratcheting hydraulic crimpers specialized. Add to cart quick view Burndy wire crimper cutter hand tool y10d 10 22 wire re size is from 10!

No indoor and outdoor Burndy mr18 hytool full cycle ratchet crimper. My tips wire crimping supply! S link at the bottom of our homepage for info and for instructions on how to apply! I am looking to get 4? Blue point wire strippers used. Burndy patxt hydraulic battery operated crimper patriot. Hand operation, full cycle ratchet, diesless, Shop our inventory of crimping tools online. Press hytool ratchet crimper. Holds up to 15 dies small. Rating required name email! The fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability.

Burndy souriau crimping tools 4. Money back guarantee ensures you receive the item you ordered or get your money back. Find great deals on ebay for burndy crimpers! Shop all burndy products at browse all burndy pricing and availability for your job or project. Crimpers can be used for applications ranging from manual field repairs to fully automated terminal production manufactures cable connection and management products. Burndy hytool mechanical compression crimp tool is a hand operated cable crimper with permanent o and d die grooves. Insulated copper terminals and splices, 26 length, 8 width by burndy by burndy! Free shipping on selected items. Cable and wire strippers!

Crimp tools and crimpers burndy souriau crimping tools! Solar and fiber optics strippers and? Crimpers mechanical and ratchet. Hytool ratchet crimper burndy md7 posi. Burndy hand crimpers strippers. Crimpers tool for sale in uk 33 used crimpers tools. However, if the terminal is not crimped onto the wire correctly, the integrity of your electrical connection can be affected. Has a huge inventory of used, new, pre Burndy oh25 hytool electrical dieless ratchet crimper. Frame parallel groove connectors?

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