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So how does it relate to an automobile? On some modern vehicles, a front valance panel will be larger - with a built-in airflow lip. Other times, a valance panel is nothing more than a thin trim piece.

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Depending on the level of aerodynamic efficiency an automaker was striving for, a valance panel may be a narrow trim piece that's placed low to direct airflow in the same fashion that an air dam does. Or, a valance panel may be a larger piece that features an integrated airflow lip at the bottom. In some cases, a vehicle may even have two separate valance panel pieces in the front or rear - one for the passenger side and one for the driver side. These are only partial pieces, and typically do not cover the entire width of the vehicle. Instead, they may be positioned on the corners only. Valance panels are also described as "bumper valances", "lower valance panels", "front lower bumper trim plates", or even "front lips".

In some cases, valance panels don't enhance aerodynamics at all. They might be simple cover pieces that conceal areas below the level of the bumper or bumper cover that would otherwise be exposed. In the front, this would effectively cover and protect the lower part of the radiator. In the rear, a valance panel might bridge the gap between dual exhaust pipes located on opposite corners of the vehicle. Shown here is a steel front valance panel for a Pontiac Firebird. Rear valance panels are sometimes described as "lower bumper covers". Materials Used for Valance Panels Valance panels are usually made of the same materials that a vehicle's bumpers are - but not always. For example, an older vehicle with steel bumpers is more likely to have valance panels that are also made of steel.

Yet plastic valance panels aren't uncommon on later vehicles built with exposed steel-and-chrome bumpers. However, if you're looking at a newer vehicle with plastic bumper covers, it's a sure bet the valance panels are also made of plastic. On older vehicles, like this Ford Mustang, a rear valance is essentially a body panel. Valance panels positioned low to the ground can easily become damaged from driving over speed bumps, angled driveways, potholes, and a host of other road irregularities. And even if you don't have a low-hanging valance panel, it can still become dented or cracked by rock hits, parking lot stops, and assorted other mishaps.

Chrome heavy duty alternator. Vintage air conditioning with a chrome air conditioning compressor.

Northern cross flow aluminum radiator with dual electric cooling fans. Custom engine compartment sheet metal which surrounds the engine for a nice clean look. Built heavy duty C6 automatic transmission. Currie 9 inch rear end with 3. Heavy duty custom build drive shaft.

The cars floors and rear wheel tubes were removed valajce replaced with custom made floors from the firewall to the tail light panel to make room for the Vitage tube chassis and wider rear tires. The suspension was replaced TCI front independent front suspension with rack and pinion steering. Eiback adjustable coil over springs and shocks. In the rear a custom triangulated 4 link frame incorporated with the tube chassis, which holds the rear end also with Eiback adjustable coil over springs and shocks.

Under dash power brake unit.

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All new brake lines. The entire car has new Ron Francis wiring harness. All switches and lights have been replaced. Interior lighting is also LED. Vlaance of custom metal finished body work. Hand crafted steel hood with functional fresh air inlets. Billet aluminum upper and lower front grilles. Tucked front bumper for a cleaner look. Hand crafted lower front valance. Slight front and back fender flares. Custom extruded rocker panels with side exhaust. Shaved upper side vents.

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