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Turner he's in front of the folks he tops and shoshone. You can do him in Mint Deep, Action!.

He does it all when he's not in front of the cameras. This Spanish hottie goes wild when it comes to sex, claiming to have had his best sexual encounter on an escalator! Lucky for us, too!

After Resignation he lived and empathetic in Australia for 3 months. The City of Men, and Cold Dance.

He quickly gets his hands dirty, getting right into two scorching scenes in a three-way and then a five-way in his debut in Horns of Plenty. During this time he worked as a photographer and produced many iconic images. InBjorn visited Brazil and stayed there for 8 years. This handsome hunk from Cordoba is a personal trainer, a dancer, and model. Since then, each of his films has been heralded as a porn masterpiece. Parts 1 and 2and Male Tales. Although Kristen Bjorn is constantly introducing new models to the world, we decided to take a look at some of our favorites, both old and new.

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We would have missed his perfectly round ass and perfectly hard cock. Bjorn traveled around the world before first being introduced to adult entertainment as a model in He had such an impact right on the spot that he was hired and went on the next day. He recently worked with Lucas Entertainment's Inside Israel. Luckily, a model scheduled for an important shoot never showed up and the day before the shoot, he was introduced to Kristen Bjorn. One thing is evident in his scenes — his cock is in great demand and he loves the attention it gets.

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