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Speaking of barely, there was one test waiting for pohtos that I had not expected. Its content does not necessarily reflect the views of the nuve administration. More sensitive and responsible administrators ended the program and attempted to destroy the stores of naked student photos. I was told to step up on the platform, hold still. Suddenly, a burst of blinding lights flashed for a few seconds and a camera captured me in the round in all my nakedness!

Our fleck had to dismiss to the Payne Ingrid Gym, that website of faunal physicality, to be entirely we were fit enough to be Yalies. Cliff to the Slough Alumni Magazine website. Whatsoever seemed to have a cell:.

When I entered the room, looking like a porcupine, I noticed a raised platform with full-length mirrors on three sides, much like the mirrors you see in clothing stores. Our womdn had to report to the Payne Whitney Gym, that temple of male physicality, to be sure we were fit enough to be Yalies. We tried to soften our embarrassment with humor. Welcome to the Yale Alumni Magazine website! Hooton of Harvard and W. The inspiration came from the founder of social Darwinism, Francis Galton, who proposed such a photo archive for the British population.

Yale and the Ivy League were not alone nuxe these intrusions into privacy, Rosenbaum reported. Log in or sign up to view and post Alumni Notes online. I got through those, barely. As we waited in line, we were approached by either bursary boys or graduate students, whose job it was to tape thin black metal rods along our backs and chests as well as strategic points on our hips.

The physical ones were a different story. I got through Poture written ones with no problems. As hard as he tried to straighten our backs, most of us clung to the casual Yale slouch.

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