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Yet the biker does not really care for that i. They'll have a bit more comfortable position than a doinb bike, with seat just below the handlebar. They will have wide tyres with deep tread, plenty of gears, often Gidlss handles picd up perpendicular to the main handle to enable shifting position when needed. Usually fitted with some sort of shock absorbers. City bike If you've ever been in Netherlands, you've seen plenty of those for sure. These bikes are designed to work in a typical city conditions. Dutch are freaks about bikes I've been told an average Dutch has at least 4 and they really know what they are doing. Typically city bike has a very upright position. It is far more comfortable than anything you can get in either road bike or MTB.

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Tyres are quite wide but with tread not so deep as in MTB. Handlebar is much higher than the seat. The officer felt the skirt Rijcken was wearing was a hazard. Is this or ?

Photo courtesy Jasmjin Gkrlss. Back in the earlier era of growing numbers of Gkrlss taking up biking, the issue of what they would wear while cycling was a fiercely debated media item. Victor Neesen, in his Book on Wheeling touched on cycling's morality by saying: Short skirts have received more attention and open discussion than any other of the moral aspects of cycling. Of course, in those days, "short," as the first photo shows, meant displaying female ankle and shins.

Rijcken, who had had the iGrlss of herself above snapped earlier the day of the Girlsd and provided it to Streetsblogwas wearing something closer to a mini-skirt. Though it is not against the law to wear a skirt or any other "sexy" apparel while cycling, bicyclists can be charged with " reckless operation of a bicycle " or "disorderly conduct," though Rijcken says the policeman left her alone after learning she was Dutch. Rijcken's story has been questioned by Streetsblog and others, not only because she did not note the officer's name and thus it cannot be investigated by the NYPD, but also because she is a marketing representative for Vanmoofa bicycle design firm, and may have created the story as a guerilla marketing ploy.

But Rijcken told TreeHugger via email from Amsterdam that the incident was no marketing move. I admit that this sounds odd because I work for a bike company.

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