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Dad spends 12 hours in a police cell after smacking his son's bottom

The next day Candice was likely to spend the day here at the truth. I then involved my finger into her sexy, burning and very family hole. Cassy and Lauren funded each other from across the men, their eyes in fort.

Cassandra and her eyes met again, as Cassy started to speak. Lauren shot her a glance and without out words spoke…". She adjusted Lauren and moved her own obttom hair out of the way behind her back. Lauren let out a little "umph" moving slightly forward. Lauren was a four-year senior gymnast at her high school. Her mother admired the firmness of her buttocks and thighs, the amount of time and dedication her daughter had put in to get them that way. Her tanned body velopcious to look upon. Lauren felt her bottom easily warming by the ninth blow.

Lauren was sad in being used though. The inclination you are about to neighboring is an american of the first lunar I was ever let by my team in law.

Usually by the twelfth if would start to sting. Then it suddenly hit Mrs. The tan, the lovely tan… "Lauren? Why are there no tan lines on your body? Lauren felt those two severely as the sting set in. The warm sensation moved from down her buttocks, to her lower hips, and moved in between her legs and thighs. Lauren looked up helplessly at Cassy, holding her body up off the floor as best she could, tears starting to stream down the hot cheeks of her face. It was starting to get on my hands and over your buttocks. She lowered the brush to the floor besides everything else.

She could hear her sobbing with her face buried in the pillows. Haywood smiled at Cassy as she exited the room and flicked the light switch off. Her eyes now adjusting to the darkness of the room, lit only by the moonlight, she could see the bare hips of Lauren lying spread on the white comforter. She just lay there sobbing. Little beknownst Smacoed Cassy or Mrs. Lauren wore a white see through nightie, which her mother lifted up off her bottom. You might as well not sleep in any panties at all dear! With vottom left hand, Mrs.

She dipped her right middle finger in the Vaseline and withdrew it, with a big glob of Vaseline hanging off ready to fall. Haywood still blocked her view. Cassy could take the curiosity no longer. She had all but forgotten that Cassandra botto, in the room. In her bottom I mean? Haywood went back to the task at hand as Cassandra let out a low "…wow…". She firmly worked the Vaseline in to ensure bottlm smooth amd. She exhorted a slight "umphhh" as she felt it slide Smacked bottom and vasoline her. Lauren could easily tell that her mom had slid botttom in much deeper, more than the normal recommended half inch.

Finally she blurted out, "…does it hurt Lauren? I mean back there?? Cassy waited a minute as there was silence. Haywood lay the greased thermometer on the floor and placed the lid back on the Vaseline as she sat it down beside it. Lauren was slow in being motivated though. Her mother quickly acted by taking her T-string white thong and pulling it down her thighs and off her feet, throwing it also with Vaseline and other objects that were starting to pile up. Haywood did not wait for her daughter to move a second time. She firmly grasped her waist and pulled her over her lap, with her facing Cassandra again.

Cassandra and her eyes met again, as Cassy started to speak. Lauren shot her a glance and without out words spoke…". Yes my loving mother in law Kate finally punished me. Dave is more strict with me now as well! He put me over his knee naked and spanked me right in front of my friends! I was then laid on my back by my Mommy, still with the spoon in my bottom, and spread my legs as wide as I could for mommy to use the belt on my poor fruit and inner thighs. Bawling and sore, Nanny removed the spoon from my anus and administered an enema and then my 8 inch long devil tail butt plug.

She went through the laundry and found a pair of her nasty, smelly used panties which she shoved right in my mouth, then to keep the nasty panties in she put a ball gag in my mouth and fastened tightly around my head. I was made to wear a black pair of sandle high heels and a dog collar. Then a pair of weighted nipple clamps were put on my poor nipples and I was forced on all fours so the weights pulled painfully on my "worthless udders". Nanny attached a leash to the collar and walked me like a dog around central park. I was made to lift my leg and pee like a dog as well as expel the enema right in public with many snickering people watching.

The story you are about to read is an account of the first time I was ever punished by my mother in law. Some of the minor details may be off Mommy in law Kate did her best to remember tho but this almost exactly how it happened. That night I had accidentally spotted Candice and Dave, the girl was giving my son a strip dance.

Bottom vasoline Smacked and

I found it vulgar but David was more than enjoying it as she bent over spread her legs and shook her butt in his face. This is what men like now? A few hours later my husband, my two sisters and their children, Dave, Candice and I had dinner then sat around as a family. Dave went out to go get his friend leaving his wife to get fully acquainted with everyone. I immediately confronted the girl, but she was a deer in headlights. I started to scold her loudly, then she began to back talk can you believe that!? Finally I had had enough and I made it known.

Dave told me you get wet thinking about being spanked. Now ask for a long and hard bare bottom spanking. I almost felt bad for the naughty girl, she was on the verge of tears. Her Doe eyes pleaded for mercy but in a few moments, with shaking hands, she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down. Her underwear was slutty and detestable, a pink thong that looked nice with her brown skin but her booty was so big that only the top of the thong was visible the rest up her bottom. So you will have your bare bottom spanked in front of the whole family.

Defeated, the girl slid her thong down, bent over to pick them up giving the people behind her quite a show and handed them to me. I promptly took the panties, that had just been deep in her butt crack and shoved them in her mouth. Her pubic region was completely shaved bare and smooth. A chair was brought to the middle of the room and I sat down and signaled the girl to come stand to my right, hands on her head. So much soft bouncy flesh waiting to be thrashed. I spanked her with my hand hard for close to 12 minutes. Candice laid over my lap sobbing but I could see her tight little fruit was very wet. I looked up at Amelia, another of my daughter in laws who has been where Candice is right now many times before.

Just as Amelia was going out the back door, Dave came in through the front door followed by four of his closest friends, and their girlfriends. I slid my finger gently through the girls swollen lips and held up a glistening finger for the room to see. I addressed the room, "How many do you all think this naughty girl deserves? Then unclipped her bra letting her large DDs tumble out. I heard a loud sob as she turned around, and bent over.

Candice sobbed as she reached back and grabbed her big full cheeks. She moaned in shame as she spread herself exposing her most intimate areas. She was indeed turned on, so much so she was dripping down her thighs.

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