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Female ejaculation

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De Graaf In the 17th century, the Dutch anatomist Reinier de Graaf wrote an influential treatise on the reproductive organs Concerning the Generative Organs of Women which is much cited in the literature on this topic. De Graaf discussed the original controversy but supported the Aristotelian view. In ejqculation lower part, near the outlet ejaculatioj the urinary passage, this membrane is pierced by large ducts, or lacunae, through which pituito-serous matter occasionally discharges in considerable quantities.

Between ejaculagion very thin membrane and the fleshy fibres we have just described there is, along the whole duct of the urethra, a whitish membranous substance about one finger-breadth thick which completely surrounds the urethral canal The substance could be called quite aptly the female 'prostatae' or 'corpus glandulosum', 'glandulous body' The function of the 'prostatae' is to generate a pituito-serous juice which makes women more libidinous with its pungency and saltiness and lubricates their sexual parts in agreeable fashion during coitus. An abnormal secretion of the mucous membrane of the vagina is looked upon as source of disgust.

However, women's writing of that time portrayed this in more positive terms. Thus we find Almeda Sperry writing to Emma Goldman inabout the "rhythmic spurt of your love juices". Its Physiology and Technique Certainly van de Velde was well aware of the varied experiences of women. Finally it is just as certain that such an 'ejaculation' does not take place in many women of sexually normal functions, as that it does take place in others.

Yet the subject was largely ignored for most of the early part of the century. InHuffman, an American gynaecologist, published his studies of the prostatic tissue in women together with a historical account and detailed drawings. These clearly showed the difference between the original glands identified by Skene at the urinary meatus, and the more proximal collections of glandular tissue emptying directly into the urethra. To date, most of the interest had focused on the substance and structure rather than function of fere glands. In the course of sexual stimulationthe female urethra begins to enlarge and can be felt easily. It swells out greatly at vree end of orgasm Hoe the production of fluids is If there is frre opportunity to observe the orgasm of such women, one can Female ejaculation how to erotica free that large quantities of a clear transparent fluid are expelled not from the vulva, but out of the urethra in gushes.

At first I thought that the bladder sphincter had become defective by the intensity of the orgasm. Involuntary expulsion of urine is reported in sex literature. In the cases observed by us, the fluid was examined and it had no urinary character. I am inclined to believe that "urine" reported to be expelled during female orgasm is not urine, but only secretions of the intraurethral glands correlated with the erotogenic zone along the urethra in the anterior vaginal wall. Moreover the profuse secretions coming out with the orgasm have no lubricating significance, otherwise they would be produced at the beginning of intercourse and not at the peak of orgasm.

However this paper made little impact, and was dismissed in the major sexological writings of that time, such as Kinsey [25] and Masters and Johnson[26] equating this "erroneous belief" with urinary stress incontinence. Although clearly Kinsey was familiar with the phenomenon, commenting that p. I told Thad I wanted to change positions. I lay on the bed with my legs hanging off the side as Thad moved onto the floor and in-between my legs. His warm, strong mouth went right to my cunt, I was in heaven! He was really making me squirm.

His mouth sucked on my clit and I shook as sexual electrical surges shot from my clit through the rest of my body. I instructed him on some of the techniques I had just learned, and felt the tell tale signs as described in the eBook! I was so excited, because I knew what was coming next!

I knew this was going to rock my erofica world, and that made me emaculation more excited! Thad worked me with until I was about to explode. I pushed him back and continued to masturbate in front of him showing him all the new things I had just learned. He was surprised, but soon he was watching me work my pussy with complete sexual surrender. I worked myself really quickly to the point of no return.

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Thad was absolutely in awe as I started to cum. I bucked my hips and just started to gush all over the place, it felt like a hot, waterfall rushing out of my cunt. Thad couldn't contain himself as my juice splashed on my thighs, and even splashed his hard cock, now rock hard and in between my legs. He was so aroused that he began to furiously work his cock now wet from being splashed from my squirting. His body glistened in the light, as my cum had soaked him! Stimulation of the G-spot is essential for most women to achieve female ejaculation. Female ejaculate and urine come from the same area—the urethra—but, female ejaculate is not urine.

It is a clear fluid that varies from urine in smell and taste, and contains the same proteins found in the male ejaculate including prostatic fluid, creatinine and glucose. All women have the sexual anatomy and ability to squirt. All it takes is an open mind, a willingness to explore and a knowledgeable lover. Discuss this with your partner before you begin. Communication is important before exploring female ejaculation. Make sure to alleviate her fears by reading this e-book together. Make sure to place a plastic sheet and large towels on the bed before you begin to avoid wetting the sheets.

Your partner should go to the bathroom first to empty her bladder and bowels. This will assure you both that her ejaculate is real and make her more comfortable. She may want to take a bath beforehand to relax. Give her an erotic massage to put her in the mood. Remember this is an exploration, not a race, so take your time and go slow. Get her positioned on her back and comfortable.

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She may want to prop a pillow under to backside as well. This is the best position for beginners. Stimulate her first with lots and lots of foreplay. Begin by stimulating her vulva:

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