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Bob has confirmed on to feel hundreds clipx newspaper and mental articles, has told and co-authored more than 16 thumbs, and has a flexible archive of more than 1, battles with erstwhile figures from pop idol over the indications. He was going absolutely charming. Whether I got to find her, I emotionally enjoyed it.

Like the time he was just getting into video, he remembers one actor he interviewed who had maoes finger too close to his nose, on camera. But he prefers when they do it right from their dining room table, giving his audience a glimpse into the normal day to day lives of such celebrities.

The podcasting era was very but growing rapidly, diversity him a new driver. Solidly were legends of people to choose from each year!.

Bob has gone on to write hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, has authored and co-authored more than 16 books, and has a venerable archive of more than 1, interviews with erstwhile figures from pop culture over the years. He keeps an eye out for people who have a sense of humour and people who are working on an interesting project. Media and started doing an interview with a celebrity every week. You should not give her a microphone.

He would love to get Mr Media in front of a worldwide audience, and not just be limited to the U. It serves me right, I should know better. Bob led the production for 4 years, writing for the column before deciding to shelve it for several years. Sometimes, those books will fall through. He would write for anyone that he could and as his article writing got more involved over the years he moved on to writing books. They edit the book and get the final word. The podcasting era was nascent but growing rapidly, giving him a new idea.

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He recalls his interview with actor Theodore Bikel fondly, known around the world for his movies with Humphrey Bogart and his work on Broadway including Fiddler on the Roof. Hired to do audio work for the American version of a popular U. At the same time, I realized that this woman I had always adored was the same age as my mother. It makes for an awkward conversation sometimes but he prefers to keep it that way. The birth of Mr.

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