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Maxi Spectator Bait Nevada House Bait — staining hot jocks having fun dating hot and were in the relics, locker stretches, and saunas. I saw what you did there for summer 9!.

The rest has been pretty damn ordinary — not worthy pofn a jump that huge for sure. They would have ranked 31 with a rank ofPapithugz, which is pretty much the same studio, would be around the low 40s if they were included. Deviancy Behavir So happy to see Tim Tales is doing so well, they have some of the hottest scenes out right now and the men are so diverse.

Not just a bunch of white guys, overly muscled and faking to get some coins. Tim Kruger is still fucking hot and he did well creating his own loke. Truly a likf site with every new scene. LOL — yeeeeah no. Skeletor driving his huge member into a hole is not hot. THAT is what most of his updates are as of late. Sorry — there was a time I thought that site was hot, but up till the last 4 weeks? Id have paid someone to kill that page altogether, because it was an insult to the hotness it once was.

Gay porn like Sites

In the past 4 weeks, you have the stunning Nixon — Brysen gwy, which IMO relaunched the li,e, and some pretty good stuff since — then Deacon and Asher. That is far from an accurate list. I know a few Brazilian, French, and Japanese sites, but I was hoping there was a larger Canadian or British gay porn circuit that I had just missed. Green4clover What scene is that from 2 Men. Who are the models?????????

My porm on here A. Come on and put the books down bruh and enjoy you some of that Cristobol. Zealot What happened to Colt…. She just had her ears cropped last year, and the hair transplants are finally taking. Okosan Men At Play in the list hell yes! So there is no doubt that gay-porn consumers prefer BBK sites. Luca nowadays the companies that produce bareback are the vast majority of the market, period.

Big, patent and more studios more or less interest the same. GH is a scapegoat, although I can see the cities come running every moment Collin theses that gorgeous ticklish ass.

I saw what you did there for number 9! Like the dark one, I dare not say its name. I wonder if the camming generates a lot of traffic. Luca it even went DOWN one position!

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