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Thank you for the great information about Frye boots. I bought a pair at Allens Boots in Austin—brown leather, square toe, made in Mexico. After reading about the sewn-in labels here, I checked my pair and found that there is NO sewn in label. I also checked the pair I bought online, which is the same style in black—also no sewn-in label. Any idea why these Frye boots would have NO label? How do you know they're Fryes? Frye was always very particular in quality control and would reject a finished pair of boots if the label were not in it. If you have two pairs of boots without labels, in my opinion, they're not Fryes. Frye boots are among the most easily copied by imitators.

Dingo started it back in the '60s, and several other no-name brands fre that today. Anonymous on May 5, at 3: I think in or so. I know for a fact Vintagf are original as I sent them back to Frye so they would re sole them for me, which they did for free, BUT only after they called and asked if I wanted a new pair instead! I insisted on having my original boots back and sure enough, about 3 weeks later they arrived on my door step with new leather soles and heel plate.

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They also have the slanted heel angle at the back, which the new boots no longer have. I looked inside the Vintabe, and no Frye Labels inside. But they are all original Frye's for sure. Alan April 5, at 5: Love all your boote blogs too. Do have a FRYE question maybe you can answer, or someone else that reads this. This was THE boot to have in the '60s and '70s. They were popular among rockers, jocks, and geeks alike in high schools and colleges across the United States. Frye Campus Boots of this era were 14" to 15" tall, and came in a variety of color choices: Banana a light tanSunrise medium tanSaddle dark tanOlive cool dark greenRusset redish-brownWalnut brownand Black.

The heels are wood and stacked to 2", with a rubber sole plate. The soles of original Campus Boots are made of smooth leather.

Boots Vintage 1980 s frye

Rfye vintage Frye Botos will have only one Frye logo sewn on the inside of the left boot shaft; boots made in the s and thereafter have logos sewn on the inside of both boot shafts, as well as a Frye logo 190 stamped on the left and right heel. What they once produced is highly favored all over the world, and while today's version of their classics have similar looks, they just aren't quite the same. If you come upon a sale or auction of "Vintage Frye Boots," how do you determine if the claim of the boots being "vintage" is valid? There are three major things to look for: Pictured here is a heel from a Frye boot made and worn since the early s.

True "vintage" Frye boots have this higher, stacked heel. Frye boots made since the s have a 2" heel, including the sole plate.

The difference is noticeable in pictures on eBay listings, for example, but if the listing ffrye say the actual heel height, you should send the seller a question to ask. True vintage Frye boots have one black label on the inside of the right boot only sewn in gold, with the words "handcrafted" in red and "SINCE " in gold. Frye boots made since the s have a label in both the right and the left boot.

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