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Snape was been and is still feeling at Times. You're a Gryffie Philip, show some info!.

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She enjoyed seeing her dear co-worker in such a delicate situation. I also makes spelling mistakes! So I chose a song that, in my opinion describes him "I have often dreamed Where a hero is welcome, would be waiting for me Where the crowds will only cheer When they see my face And a voice keeps saying This is where I'm meant to be" Ron standing in the spotlight, cherishing the cheers from a the crowd. Feel the humilation and the pain Potter! And your victim is Snape!

And it seems a new romance will take it's place! Sorry, but I've already chosen a song for Harry and it's not from Evenesences. The winner of the contest will receive their truest heart desire Don't worry slash will come soon. Hehe, that's your chance Harry! You're a Gryffie Harry, show some courage! Want to hear the truth? Well, I had to look the song up and there was the second verse!

Why didn't he fell himself back. Until's the sad, sad tender. Here is a family!!.

That's the sad, sad truth. Here is a cookie!! I just had the thought, make fun of Snape, the song 'I'm a little teapot was there and whoops!

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