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‘creampie eating’ stories

The next door, she straddled me again, and very my bondage's Creampei forgiveness. It wasn't that I was very on watching this that slipped me, it was that I had put myself in the experience of the man called to the dawn.

I wasn't satisfied though; it was like I had been placed on a higher plateau. Let's take a bubble bath, OK? I knew he'd be glad he did. I kissed him and undressed him as we waited for the jacuzzi tub to fill. He fingered me, somewhat surprised that I let him. I was usually a sleep-after-orgasm girl. But my orgasm left me hungry for another. I looked him in the eyes and licked my fingers, then began to slowly rub his cock using my saliva to wetten him. I found that he was already leaking precum, which made an even better lubricant. His eyes actually rolled back into his eyes, and I knew I'd have to pause or else he'd cum right there.

I hopped into the tub and he followed. We kissed and teased each other. Then, I made him get out of the tub to open a bottle of wine. He frowned, but got out and went downstairs.

Correctly pliers where the man was eatlng to crawl the north of her lover to get him instead to earth, or to verify his back after they fucked nasty me. You oval licked and directed the pre-cum off of my nipples didn't you?.

I sprung into action Creampie eating erotic stories, getting out my next little surprise. He came back with a bottle Creampie eating erotic stories red wine and two erotif glasses. He set them down outside the tub and was getting in before he saw my surprise: His face flushed and then he looked at Creampis in shock. He had begged me forever to let him shave me on the pretense the he could eat me better. I told him I was going to let him do just that, but that I wanted to know how far he wanted to go. I was just yanking his chain, but he stuttered through an explanation that he just wanted to shave my crotch dtories he would leave my "bush" alone.

I let him finish, then casually said, "Oh. I was thinking of taking it ALL off. He managed to control himself, and I told him "let's get started. Be careful so you don't spill the wine. I can honestly say the next few minutes were some of the most erotic I'd xtories had. He lathered me up and then carefully shaved me until I was smooth and bald. It was obvious he had done a lot of research on that too. I rubbed my now-slick pubes, amazed at how sexy I felt. Dave couldn't keep his hands off me Crfampie is, I sttories him to. I'm keeping time, GO!

And I mean in! Stroies tongue was everywhere from my navel to almost my asshole, licking and kissing my skin. But he stuffed his tongue deep into me as well, licking at the very base of my clit. After five minutes, I was really close to orgasm, so I let him keep going. I Cresmpie stronger storiess before, but again not quite satisfied and feeling close to another stronger one. It was time for my esting surprise. Or at least the one Creampie eating erotic stories had planned. I normally am pretty self conscious and dive under the covers myself. I felt his balls, so heavy and full, then trailed down to near his asshole. He immediately started panting and I figured he'd want me to finger fuck his asshole Besides, tonite was already going to be a special night.

He did, and I licked and kissed his nipples. I wanted to suck his cock--which was very rare for me--but I wanted to wait until it was covered with my juice. That I had never done, and I knew it'd get him hard again after he came. Instead, I knelt astride his head and sat my pussy down on his face. He began to tongue me expertly, moaning loudly as he struggled to keep up with the juices pouring from me. I let his tongue open me up wide, preparing me. I moved down and lifted his cock straight up. Then, I settled down on it, loving how it filled me and touched places aching for pleasure.

I pushed him in as far as he could go, so that my lips laid flat on his crotch. It felt especially sexy, his curly hairs tickling where mine used to be. I didn't move, fearing he would cum, but still loving the throbbing fullness. He was perspiring, struggling not to cum. I know you have been fantasizing about cumming in me and then sucking it back out. I know you have been fixated on it, and it has ruined your performance. But his face showed that I was speaking the truth. In a minute or two, you will pump me full of your cum, and then I'm going to sit on your face and let you lick it out. Then, we're gonna fuck again and you'll eat it again. Until you can get back to a normal orgasm.

I let him deflate, and then I moved up to his face, feeling the cum already beginning to ooze out. He still had a glazed look as my semen-filled pussy planted itself on his mouth. It took only a second before he began to eat me voraciously, his tongue impossibly far into my pussy. He actually put his mouth over my entire sex and sucked hard. I squeeze my vaginal tunnel, trying to get out as much as I could. I listened to his moans, continual and animalistic. He was loving it. Just like I was. I found that I was extremely sensitive, my pussy on fire after having him in me. I leaned back so that I could put a hand on the bed and humped his face, orgasming right away.

But still he licked me, urging me to stay aroused. My recent experiment eating his cum had made me anxious to try it off him. So when I recovered, I rolled over into a He was already hard, and the tip of my tongue went into his eye, seeking precum. It was delicious, salty and tart, and I regretted not doing this for all those years. I dreamed of seeing her wearing micro-mini skirts, very low cut tops, no underwear and going out in public. I dreamed of watching other men watch her. It wasn't long and I was thinking more and more about seeing her fuck another man. At first I was totally involved, a part of it all, stripping her in front of someone, giving them permission to fuck her and forcing her to do anything the other man wanted.

I would have huge orgasms stroking off to these thoughts. I searched out photos, videos and stories about this sort of thing online. It became almost an obsession. I knew it was never going to happen. Debbie wasn't like that. But in my dreams I was able to lead her in that direction. The more stories I read the more I wanted. That is when I discovered cuckoldry.

Stories Creampie eating erotic

I saw a video of a man, tied to a chair, forced to watch as his wife fucked another man. The other man of course had a bigger cock and the wife acted as if that was all that mattered. The husband would watch as they fucked and his smaller cock got hard even though he acted as if it upset him. As the video went on the wife began to talk to him. Telling him to watch and learn as this real man showed him how he should fuck her.

Telling him how incredible this real man's cock felt as it slid into her dripping pussy. Laughing at him because of his hard smaller cock and how that proved he must love seeing this and what kind of a man would get turned on watching a better man fucking his wife. While watching this I had the most intense orgasm of my life. Do you like your nipples sucked? Then she lowered herself so her slightly parted lips covered my face. I lifted my head to suck her. She pressed down and pussy fucked my mouth as I licked her. She slid down my body, her breasts slapped my face.

Jay, If you ever want hot sex with me ever again, if you ever expect me to suck your cock again, if you ever want to feel this excitement again, you are going to eat my cum filled pussy. She had never done these things earlier in our marriage, only recently since she read my stories had she been this way, and I believed everything she said. And anyway it was my darkest fantasy. I loved having this new raw dirty sex with her. She slid down me again, licking my nipples and sliding her vagina lips over the head of my penis. Pre cum oozed and made the contact super slippery. May I fuck myself with your hot cock? Please make me-make me want it-- please feed it to me. Feed me my thick hot cum.

I couldn't hold back I couldn't hold out if I wanted to, I felt my orgasm coming up from deep down, "Ughhh I'm going to cum, I'm going to shoot my cum! She screamed "oh yes fill me, eatiing me I feel the hot cum. Uhhhh oh God shoot it into me! I couldn't move anywhere as she kneeled on either side of my head and began to fuck my face with her open pussy, It was wet and slippery it had the smell of my cum and her vaginal juice, she began to wash my face as I licked and sucked her hole, I ate and swallowed my thick cum as she face fucked me.

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