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11 Extreme Body Modifications You Won’t Believe

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Sustaining an eating disorder is seen as a good thing, and Pro-Anas are actually proud of it.

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And yet, while piercings and tattoos rarely carry serious risks when performed under sterile conditions, people actually die during plastic surgery. Vote up the most extreme forms of body modification, movification the people who altered their bodies in the craziest of ways. The psychological disorder often has much deeper roots than a simple desire to be thin. Source On the flipside of extreme weight modifications would be the Pro-Ana movement in contemporary Western culture. We call these people — usually women — living dolls, because they take surgical cosmetic procedures to a whole new level. If you have a weak stomach, prepare yourself for this list of the most extreme body modifications ever.

Different tribes from across the world have scarred their bodies with various tattoos and piercings in an effort to show modificztion they were brave, could take pain, and were in touch with the spirit realm. However, in societies like Fiji, Tajita, Jamaica, Nauru and modificaton others, fattening rituals or excessive feasting serves the purpose of helping participants attain the desirable larger body size. I think it makes me look beautiful. The British mother of two had just broken up with the father of her children, and she wanted a change.

However, when you keep in mind that these things are almost always done because they reflect cultural values and standards of beauty, it makes sense that extreme weight gain or loss can, in some cases, be considered a body modification. Wearing a large plate is also considered a standard of beauty, and we all know women all over the world will do just about anything to be seen as beautiful.

Modification Sexy body

But in the modern era, extreme body mods have taken on a completely different meaning. Unfortunately, extreme obesity is often associated movification disease and moddification shortened life span — but this hardly matters to those who seek beauty and social standing. Soon you could be seeing forked tongues everywhere you go. Source Dental modifications are nothing new to Americans, who are practically obsessed with attaining perfectly straight, white teeth via orthodontic appliances and bleaching methods.

In fact, there are so many different types of plastic surgery available that some people collect procedures like old men collect stamps. In some cultures, an extra-large body size is considered valuable or even beautiful. Moore's not done, either:

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