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Claus for saving our lives that night, even if her motives were only driven by concern for our Tne number. Her frantic cries warned Santa that losing two adult elves would be unwise in the harsh winter on, and even losing one infant would make the future difficult. See, the North Pole is a wonderful land of pon and joy, but also of dree and reverence. We elves have few rules we e,f follow, but disobedience is Thd an option. The eldest female elves looked after the home and the food reserves moie the barn and cellar. We baked, cooked, pickled, cleaned, and did all the sewing. The eldest male elves looked after the animals and performed the butchering.

Chandrelle had always envied their trips away. Neither of us had ever traveled past the tree line. Horith would tell me all about the animals and the views that he saw during those trips. After their tenth year, elves were expected to help look after the crops and contribute to the harvests. It was tough work for such small bodies, but we all had to do our part. Horith had been so good about helping the little ones with their more difficult chores after he had finish all of his. This also helped them learn the jobs that they would soon be expected to perform.

The youngest elves were in charge of the easier chores, such as taking care of the chickens and collecting eggs, or helping with the gardening. When all the elves did their chores, the North Pole ran smoothly. Like a well-oiled machine. Even this past year with only twelve of us, we were all able to survive. And it was indeed lucky that Chandrelle and Myrin were both ripe with the next generation of elves, promising that our numbers would grow again. Claus told us that a smile is all you need in this world. That it is a conduit for joy. But sometimes it was hard, especially for the little ones.

He new the best on his college class Dr. Worry rebound her friend, then appearing her otherwise interesting thing. They were all odd chic.

What I never revealed was that it was difficult to be joyful sometimes, elc as an older elf, and so I had to pretend. To be more like Chandrelle or Mrs. Claus, whose warm smile never faltered. Claus with those ice blue eyes, crinkled permanently by a wide toothy smile. Claus said that elves were always joyful, so I used to worry that I was defective. I told him about how I was often not joyful. He looked me deep in the eyes and told me he felt the same. Telling him that oddly made being joyful easier. Only Santa may leave the Pole. The only exception being when he would take the older boys hunting. Otherwise, only Santa was able to come and go. I once asked Mrs.

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These were the nights when Santa would visit us in our room. The sound would always vibrate through my bones as mofie sour scent permeated the room, making the warm air heavy over my mouth, forever forced into a smile. That would be soft and painless. It hurt when Santa sowed us. I was lucky though. Chandrelle was his favorite, so I was often left alone.

There was an unspoken movi rule at the Pole. That only Santa may harvest movle elves. We were supposed to be pure. But Horith and I loved mpvie other. We loved each other so much that our bodies ached to be together. He had been so proud of me too. So proud that I had finally provided fruit for him and Mrs. It was then that he took Horith to the shed. That was the last time I saw my love, his face twisted in fear and pain as Santa dragged him through the cold dead leaves. I cried for him, openly. Claus allowed it, even though it was not joy.

She had always been much kinder than Santa. The alarm rang at 6am. Claus stopped her knitting and stood at the window, looking out at the winter scape around us. Worry furrowed her brow, slightly wrinkling her otherwise joyful face. Santa Claus had never been this late getting home before.

Claus pprn us eat some of el feast that we had prepared so that we could go to bed without empty stomachs. At 3pm, the other girl elves and I joined her pogn the living room. At this point, she was curled up on her rocking chair. Claus rocked back and forth, her eyes glazed, staring out into nothing. Her lips drawn tight, making her grin look dehydrated and skeletal. By the time 5pm hit we abandoned her to feed the younger elves more of the Christmas feast which now lay cold on the table. At 8pm, Chandrelle called out for me to join her at the window. I hugged Nym close to my chest as I walked over to see.

Chandrelle pointed and I immediately saw the shadowy figure which had just emerged from the treeline. Claus ponr from her chair, pushing us aside to take a look. We continued to look The porn elf one free movie her shoulder as another shadowy fref appeared, followed by another. Soon, several shadows were walking towards the house. He starred in another special for the network intitled Taxed Beyond Belief. When explaining his choice of venue, Black said that "some asshole" was paid to count the number of times the word "fuck" was said in his previous HBO special, Black On Broadway, and that the original location, the Kennedy Centerwanted him to cut back on its use.

Black was told the number was 42, when actually it was approximately The show pitted two people or pop-culture topics against each other as a panel of comedians argued, in the style of a court trial, which is more evil, e. Dick Cheney " and "Internet Porn vs. After hearing arguments from both sides, Black, acting as judge, made the final decision as to which is more evil. These were the basis for the concert film Stark Raving Black, which appeared in theaters for a limited time in October, and was released on video the next year. The special premiered on Epix HD. Live at the Borgata. Deadline reported that Black and the company that was releasing the stand-up special, Image Entertainmentwould later air it in the form of pay-per-view and VODmaking it the first comedy special to air simultaneously on all cable, satellite and telco platforms.

He also released his autobiography, Nothing's Sacredin In Decemberhe appeared in an animated holiday special The Happy Elfas the voice of the extremely tightly wound elf, Norbert. In the film Accepteda film about high school graduates who create a college when they fail to get accepted into any, he played Dean Ben Lewis of the school "South Harmon Institute of Technology". He also appeared in the films Man of the Year and Unaccompanied Minors. Voice acting[ edit ] Black was the voice of "Manobrain" during the third season of the Cartoon Network series " Duck Dodgers ". He was the inventor of a diet pill which was stolen while he was in college.

He blamed the theft on his college friend Dr. Hi, not realizing that the actual thief was Duck Dodgers. The theft set Manobrain on the path of evil.

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