Strip vinyl floors

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Vinyl Strip & Seal

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While cleaning away dirt is critical, don't forget to keep your floors dust-free as well! Unlike brooms, a duster will trap dust instead of spreading it around or into the air. Scrubber Type and Features For heavy duty cleaning power, consider using a floor scrubber. Designed for commercial and industrial use, scrubbers cover an impressive amount of surface area with efficiency, speed, and power. Consider the following factors when choosing a scrubber to keep your establishment clean. Scrubber Battery Types Lead-acid batteries are versatile and easy to replace.

They come with a low initial cost and can accommodate the high current required for large motors. However, they do require maintenance and emit corrosive gases if not properly cared for. An Absorbed Glass Mat AGM battery is a special type of lead acid battery that doesn't degrade as easily as other lead-acid battery types. One of the safest lead acid batteries available, it provides a more efficient discharge and recharge cycle.

However, they do come at a higher cost. Types of Scrubbers Orbital Scrubbers: Offering the highest down pressure available, orbital scrubbers are able to provide unmatched cleaning and finish-removal capabilities. The pad is rectangular, making it perfect for cleaning in tight spaces or alongside a wall or curb. Disc scrubbers allow for easier and more efficient cleaning in open areas. A true round design will provide users with great maneuverability to meet the toughest cleaning challenges in rooms of all shapes and sizes. I need to buy more. I spot treat and pour ammonia on certain areas that are really grungy. I let the ammonia sit for a while and then mop the entire floor.

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What really gets up the grime is ammonia and a Scotch scrub sponge. I love the idea finyl the Swiffer wet jet, but it never cleaned my floors that well. The corners remained dirty and I felt binyl built up faster. As you know ammonia has fumes that are noxious, and my sister always complains when I use it, but it's the only thing I've found that cuts through the grime. You should never use a wax product on vinyl floors. The theory is that you clean the floor and put on wax at the same time. Instead, what you really get is a deposit made up of a slurry of dirty wax that binds to the floor and cannot be easily removed by normal cleaning.

Acrylic wax is not really a wax but a plastic coating. Mix it with dirt and you have a dirty plastic film stuck to your floor. What you need to do is strip all the wax from the floor. That will remove the film of grime that you are seeing.

Thereafter only clean using foors and detergent like Spic and Span. Stripping the wax layer is not easy. You need a powerful wax stripper like this that you can get at the Strkp improvement center. Acrylic wax is removed by an alkaline solution. Ammonia probably won't be strong enough if you have a lot of wax build up. So you need the more powerful product that contains potassium hydroxide. Save your back when stripping or cleaning the floor. Get a long handled stiff brush at the home improvement center used for cleaning outdoor house siding or decking.

Vinyl floors Strip

Get a big sponge mop for cleaning up the mess. Mix and apply the stripper according to the product instructions. Apply liberally to a 3 foot by 3 foot section at a time and let it soak for a while like a paint stripper.

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