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He sexually abused me too. I love singing naked.

Then we moved to Utah to be near his Mormon family. I felt like I found my tribe when I was dancing. I asked for child support but no alimony. Did you do sex work in Utah? He was a hairdresser who had stripper clients. I like being the MILF cougar role. She got a massage from me and told me about all the money she was making dancing at a topless place in San Francisco.

I complimented to LA to have modeling and terrible in I was known I was trying, nowhere my Mom.

I remember slow dancing with guys and if I could feel their erection I became wet and all wheels started turning. She got mad because she was broke and unhappy. Pike allowed me to be a powerful woman again. Then I was in a car accident with five cars but no one was hurt except the drunk driver, which never happens. Then my mom got into a car accident and ended up in a coma for three months then a psyche ward. On my birth certificate was listed an address on Hollywood boulevard where I was born, so I drove there and left my kids with my ex-husband in Utah. When I went back to Utah after that client attacked me, I got a telemarketing job and a retail job.

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I took care of my siblings. My step dad sexually abused me so someone called child services. What happened and what messages did you receive about sex?

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