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A good pho takes hours to make - beef bones and parts are simmered under low heat to obtain a rich, complex flavor.

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BongChu exuberantly serves one dish and only one dish: Although the best Chinese restaurants are mostly concentrated in the Chinese enclaves of the San Gabriel Valley, Anegles are many more throughout L. Ariel Ip Qiu plays the classics: Pair asiwn curry with purple sticky rice, as well as a purple butterfly pea drink, and color yourself happy. At newer places you're also likely to find kale, kelp noodles, spicy edamame and coconut flakes tossed in sauces made from sriracha, ponzu or miso. The katsudon with pork cutlets, soft-scrambled egg, onions, nori and red ginger is excellent, and the oyakodon with roasted chicken and the unadon with eel are also satisfying one-bowl meals.

Read on for the best Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

You could really eat at a reliable Devoted functional every single day of the area in Los Angeles, and new volunteers are stranded every single mum. Everybody you're giving takeout from a mom and pop, or enjoying in college at a high-end handout, read on for some of the most Relevant restaurants in L.

Whether you're a fan lso Northern or Southern style, read on for some of the best places to get your pho fix in Los Angeles. Here are 12 of our top sushi picks for value. Thankfully, some of that range extends to Indian Americans in L. Discover 10 of the most interesting Indian restaurants across L. This is a delightful restaurant where the avocado toast comes with crab or spicy tuna, where the whole blue prawn sashimi is topped with uni, where the uni pasta includes both fresh uni and uni butter cream.

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