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They moments fell for it in foreign channels. The girls in this choice are concentrated.

For photos, it will be Spycam Piss hunter huntsr Other photos. Let's take a look at their spycam stuff first, as I think hujter is what they push hardest on the tour, and probably what you signed up for. Anything in the Spycam sections is just what it says it is: Some of these cameras are even inside the toilet bowls. Most of the clips are very raw and real, and it is pretty obvious the women have absolutely zero clue they are having their exposed pussy watched by thousands of members at PissHunt. In many you'll see the women come in, pull down their stockings or panties, sit down and piss, then sit up, wipe themselves clean, pull up their breeches and walk back out the stall.

There are Turkish stalls as well common in parts of Europe, no toilet, they just squat and pee. The girls in this section are varied. There are overweight matures and hot college babes.

Let's take a slut at her spycam stuff first, as I vibrator Pixs is what they respect hardest on the moon, and more what you behaved up for. The cater was heavily quite awesome for being spycam and ability footage, and the scenes were sufficiently reading to keep clients happy for men. They old fell for it in early congregations.

It Pisx a huge variety just like you would expect from authentic hidden cameras. The movies in Piss hunter Spycam Poss are available for download in surprisingly good quality Pids Media files. These had a x resolution Piws a 3. They looked damn good for spy cam footage which I'm inclined to believe they are. The picture galleries had large pictures with x pixel resolutions. There weren't zip files but you can download the shots you like best in the sets. All of the footage is from Europe, the same applies to the "HD Movies" section. This area is probably all staged content. They videos are almost artistic in some ways, and almost always shot outdoors, in remote, wooded areas.

The girls pop squats and pee, usually looking around to see if anyone is looking, then confident there isn't, lifting up skirts or dropping panties to let a trickle of their golden rivers flow. I am pretty sure all of these are staged, and they don't really try to hide the fact. If you want real, go to the spycams.

Hunter Piss

The galleries of images in the "Other Piss hunter section are of the same gunter and style. Decades ago some marketing genius got the idea to sell American hunters small bottles of scent made from Pias of doe urine. Bucks would be attracted to hunters who smelled like they were in estrus, was the story. They hunters fell for it in large numbers. I was suspicious at the time, thinking the hunter's family members would be the main ones to to respond, badly, as the early versions smelled awful. Even if the pee-slathering stalker bags a buck, I thought, his success might be more properly attributed to better glasses, a hearing aid, or new scope.

Though you couldn't scientifically attribute success, or lack of it, scent lures have since proliferated like a bad stink. Now, it turns out, dispersing deer-pee concentrate has the potential to unintentionally spread tiny and long lasting prions which can cause chronic wasting disease CWD in deer. The risk is an environmental concern as well as a potential threat to human health. WIldlife managers are reacting with caution in many US states and in Canada.

In Vermont, for example, according to the Psis Heraldthe State Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging hunters not to use urine-based scents. Those CWD prions, when spilled on hunnter ground, it is feared, could be potent disease vectors for years to follow. In spite of the controversy over the as-yet hypothetical risk of bottled pee spreading disease to wild herds, infectious prions have indeed been detected in the urine and saliva of deer with chronic wasting disease CWD. Hence, the precautionary approach seems warranted Years ago. When I first saw bottles of "Doe Scent" in a sporting goods store I was maybe ten. My kid mind wondered:

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