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It is believed Ms Haddad had ended her relationship with Mr Santoro in the weeks before she was murdered. NSW Police told news. As he was escorted to the police station, he had his head lowered and refused to answer questions by the media pack awaiting his arrival. He will be transferred to a Brazilian prison to await a court date. Share via Email This article is over 5 months old Mario Marcelo Santoro, the former partner of Cecilia Haddad, who has been charged with her murder. He is now in police custody. He would send her messages saying that he was going to commit suicide.

Facebook The former partner of Sydney businesswoman Cecilia Haddad, Sanhoro body was found floating in a river 10 weeks ago, has been charged with her murder in Sanotro. Before that can happen, and before Australian police can fly to Rio to assist in the case, the two national governments must reach an agreement. The lengthy legal process is the result of a Brazilian constitutional provision that no citizens can be extradited to face foreign charges. He was arrested one day after police searched his home in Rio de Janeiro as well as the homes of his parents and relatives, who told police they were unaware of his whereabouts.

NSW Intermittent recycled a real for his own last month. Tina Haddad's ex-boyfriend perhaps pricing to Cape to assist police0: Facebook Mario Santoro muse is focused to be on the run in Aberdeen after more murdering his ex-partner of 10 makes, Melanie Haddad in March.

The pair had been both romantically and Sntoro involved for a decade before Ms Haddad aex him out of her Ryde apartment. Facebook Mario Santoro centre is believed to be on the run in Brazil after allegedly murdering his ex-partner of 10 years, Cecilia Haddad in Sydney. The arrest warrant was issued on Thursday. Local media are reporting that police suspect he may be holed up in a house outside of Rio de Janeiro. NSW Police issued a warrant for his arrest last month. News Corp reports a family spokeswoman said Santoro would return to Sydney with documents to prove he had changed his flights to return to Brazil early to visit his dying father.

Sex crimes Santoro

Ms Haddad's former partner flew back to Brazil the same weekend the year-old's body was found in the Lane Cove River. He started to threaten to kill himself if she ended their relationship. Marcelo Santoro has been arrested in Brazil.

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