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29 paladin gear Level twink

Fishing is a nice alternative that aids in making gold if you do not have a main. For the talents I am putting the primary point spread. A few twinl have some very situational talents which may be used. Leveel combat build is my favorite and most used spec out of the 29 rogues I know. It has much more survivability with endurance, imp sprint, riposte, and the coveted 5 percent hit. On the contrary, the imp ambush rogue does the highest burst out of any class in the game but is incredibly one dimensional. Hahabajs, Heippa, Lintor Hunter: Go survivability for more HP and peel or full MM for insane range and critzzzzzz. When it comes to pets Wind Serpent, boar, and wolf all are viable depending on the player.

For BM spec a cat with claw and a fast attack may be the best for raw dps. Get that Master Hunter's Rifle and pew pew.

Rock dual wield with dual agility enchants for MM or Corpsemaker for insane Raptor Strike burst crits. Shmuckumpoo hunter k2Insanitty, Micucci Elysium Hybrid: Mages tdink unlike 60 mages when it comes to gameplay. Palwdin best aspect of mages at 29 are their ability to both peel and their strong CC. Be prepared to blow your arena trinket because the very first thing priests love to do is Psychic Scream. Use the Shadow Resistance Aura if you want to be on the safe side. Save your Hammer of Justice for when it tries to pull off a heal at low health.

Against a Warrior Absolutely no contest. Judge and reapply Righteousness when you can. They go down very quickly with no resistance to your holy damage. Against a Hunter Out in the open, you're in for a tough time. If there's a hut or walls handy, line of sight, kill the pet if you have to, but make him run to you, not vice-versa. Same tactic as with the Warrior, but don't waste mana with consecrate on these guys. If a hunter is running in a straight line away from you, watch for them to kneel down they just placed a trap.

If you're chasing a hunter, always follow a good bit to either side. Against a Rogue Again, very easy.

Tactics Aboard a Priest Mmm Now it comes to stars Heal yourself, do with Seal of Information when it's up.

Same tactics as palzdin the Warrior. They like to kick and scream before they die, so start a heal when you're at about half health and let him waste the kick, then heal with a Holy Light, then a Flash Heal while kick is on cooldown. If you are healing, face away from the rogue to avoid gouge you will outheal the backstabs. Against a Shaman Same as with the Rogue.

They don't sit still, so consecration might not be a good idea. Totems cost a Apladin of mana for them, so make sure you kill any you see them 229 down, especially mana spring. Use the same healing gexr as with the rogue, start healing at about half health OR right after a frost shock all shocks share a cooldownthat way he can't earthshock your heal. If its purging your seals, only put the seal up just as you're about to judge. Against a Mage Between frost armor, blink, and frost nova, there's little chance of you getting too close to these guys to do much damage with melee. Heal yourself, judge with Seal of Righteousness when it's up. You'll either kill it or outlast its mana pool.

You'll know if its frustrated if it polymorphs you mid-combat.

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