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He gave her and her sister Pantifs a three pack of panties. They were silk and there was one pair each of pink, yellow and blue. She often wondered how he knew how he Dwddy what size to buy. But, what was even more fucker was that Ddady was the sixties, before fuucked sexual pantied. No one Dadfy heard of free love yet and flower children and hippies were still fucied couple of years away. Panties were never mentioned between the sexes. When a young lady would do any physical activity she was very careful not to let them show and was always weary of that sudden gust of wind. So, Karen was surprised a couple of days later when pqnties dad asked how the panties fit.

She blushed a bit and told him that they fit fine. This was just the beginning as every time fuckec went out of town after that he would give the sisters the panties on Friday and ask how they fit on Fucled. Karen was getting quite a collection of silk briefs and bikinis. Then one fukced, things pantjes change. She walked into the bathroom and caught him sniffing a pair of her pink panties while masturbating with another of her pairs. The sight had really turned her on. She became more aware of him stealing glances at her ass and crotch.

There were times she swore that he was trying to see if she had a panty line. So she thought she might satisfy some of his curiosity and would give him a brief glimpse of her panties. She would intentionally lay in a revealing position on the sofa or bend over revealing her ass. On the occasions she did this, her dad seemed to hang around longer. Karen figured it was in hopes of catching another look. She decided to be bolder and give him better shows. While laying on the couch she positioned her skirt so the blue of her panties was easily visible and pretended to sleep. As Karen squinted through closed eyes she saw her dad come and stare at her crotch with bulging eyes.

After a couple of minutes he ran out of the room Karen assumed to jack off. Each time Karen did this, she got bolder and bolder as did her dad. One day her skirt was high enough that if someone were at eye level with her legs they would be able to see virtually the entire front panel and crotch. So, her dad did just that as he crawled on his knees to look up her skirt and got quite an eyeful including her damp crotch. She looked down at his crotch and saw him playing with himself through his pants. Just as he started breathing heavier he suddenly got up and ran into the hamper.

Karen was having fun now driving her dad nuts. So, later that day she sat on the couch with her feet on the coffee table with her legs far apart. She made sure he could see everything as she was directly across from him. She seductively ran her finger across her lips as they talked about nothing in particular. Dick was squirming in his chair when she dropped her hands to her boobs. Her father was trying like hell to be on his best behavior. He groaned heavily and ran out of the room. The next day, Karen repeated her performance. When Karen held up her tits as if feeding them to him from across the room he began rubbing himself through his trousers.

Dick hurriedly unzipped his fly and yanked out his already throbbing member. He knew he had to cum and could not wait until he got to the bathroom or bedroom.

My panties fucked Daddy

He proudly displayed his cock to his daughter and began pumping it hard and fast. Seeing her Dad erupt in front of her pushed Karen over the edge and soon she was soaking her own panties in one of Daddy fucked my panties best orgasms she could ever remember. They both just sat there in a state of shock fucled a couple of minutes before Karen ran off to her room and Dick cleaned himself up. The next time Dick saw his daughter on the couch with her legs fucekd for him she was mu a pair of hot red pantifs. Instead of sitting across from her like she had expected he sat right beside her.

Daddy fucked my panties silence was deafening as they just sat there. Finally, Karen adjusted her legs so that her skirt crawled up even higher on her legs. It was no longer covering any of her thighs. Karen answered quickly by placing her slender fingers to her pussy through her underwear and gently stroked herself. Your pussy is so panyies hot. Oh, please, fuckex off that bra? Make me cum daddy and you can take these panties with you when you go out of town. That is, as long as you bring me a replacement pair. Oh, dad, play ficked my hot panties. Come on, Dad make your daughter Daddy fucked my panties. Rub me, come on faster daddy. Make me cum and I will go to my room fjcked bring these back still wet.

Oh dad your cock sure looks hard. Oh, oh, oh I am going fuckee cum. Dick moaned loudly when Karen grabbed his cock. But, before he knew what hit him she had given him a quick flash of her panty covered ass and had ran out of the room. Making it to her bedroom Karen tore off the damp red panties making sure to thoroughly wipe off her pussy with them. Then she put on a pair of yellow ones and put back on her t-shirt leaving the bra off. She ran back into the living room, boobs bouncing, and sure enough her dad had his cock out and was flogging it very roughly. He took them without Dzddy word, putting them up to his nose, and continued until his sperm again flooded the top of his rod.

She knew lanties that the next time she would be the one rubbing his cock. Panies few hours later she went to Daddh room and removed her shorts. Last weekend, we were sitting on the steps in front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and as usual, she had her knees up under her chin and her feet apart. From where I was, sitting beside her, I couldn't see anything, but it was obvious to me that passers-by were getting a magnificent view of her white knickers. The women tended to ignore her, but the men, without exception, all stared at her, and several walked down to the end of the block, turned and came back for a second look.

I thought it was hilarious. By the way, how's your son? I've had to buy him a couple of dresses and girl's undies. He's gonna be so fucking gay when he grows up. I think gay guys have more fun. John's kinda cute himself and one day, I'd like to suck his dick, but for the moment, I'm playing it cool. He added, "I'll run home after work, then drive over to your place. What are you cooking? You're only coming to oggle my daugher, you fuckin' perv. I let him in and we sit on the couch, talking to her. When the initial pleasantries are over, I say to her, "Come here, Darling.

She calmly lets me do this, despite the fact that John can clearly see what's going on. Tell John what happened, Sweetheart. Tell you what, I'll pay you a pound if you'll show me. John pulls a pound coin from his pocket and plonks it on the coffee table. Standing in front of us, she obligingly lifts her skirt as high as it will go, revealing her blinding white knickers. John gazes for long seconds, and then says, "For another quid, how about showing me your vagina? He leans forward and inspects it, closely. She thrusts her hips towards him lewdly, then steps back as he reaches for her. She tucks the hem of her skirt under her chin and pulls the knickers on. This looks just a sexy as when she took them off.

My leftovers are delicious, as always, and I allow Melanie to drink a small glass of wine. It makes her eyes sparkle. After dinner we sit in the living room, Melanie on my knee with her back to my chest, her legs either side of my thighs. John is sitting opposite so that when I caress her thighs then slide my hand right up her dress to fondle her nipples, her dress rides up, showing off her knickers up to the waist, and he gets a nice view. We can both see the bulge in his pants, and my daughter can feel my hard-on pressing against her butt. Eventually I say, "Better get ready for bed, Melanie. Put on your nighty and come and kiss us goodnight. In her hand she has a pair of her white knickers.

She's pretty hot either way. He pulls the knickers up her legs and over her hips, runs his hands over her bum and then puts a hand between her legs. She lets out a little hum of pleasure. I'm totally turned on by the sight of my boss feeling my daughter up, my cock is rock hard and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. Then she turns and straddles me, puts her arms round my neck and whispers. I'm proud to have such a sexy daughter. But why wait until tonight? I half expect him to push my hand away, but he just smiles at me as I pull his zipper down.

He flips his pants open and his cock pops out, a nice six inch uncut beauty. I take it in my hand, my pulse pounding, then bend my head down ready to take the tip in my mouth. I can smell the hot steaminess coming off it and I let him thrust it up between my lips, running my tongue round the head and stroking the shaft. In a very few seconds, he cums, spurt after spurt, filling my mouth. I suck him dry, then lift my head and give him an open mouthed smile, some of his cum dripping down my chin. Then I swallow and lick my lips with a satisfied smile.

I'll repay the favour as soon as I get the chance. Bring Jason, and he can try on some of Melanie's dresses. She'll love to dress him up as a girl. I'm standing by the floor-to-ceiling window looking out and I hear John lock the door. He stands behind me, puts his arms round me and gropes my cock. In fact, I rather hope some horny pervert is having a nice wank over us. I can feel his erection pressing against my bum. I give it a wiggle, then unfasten the top of my pants, so they fall down, and unbutton my shirt. He strokes my cock, slowly and my hand reaches behind me to grope him. He turns me sideways and kneels in front of me.

If anyone is looking, they have a perfect view. There's something very erotic about being sucked off by your boss. I put my hands on my hips and thrust them forward as he eagerly works on my dick. It doesn't take long and soon I'm shooting my load in his mouth, my hand holding his head. He milks me dry then licks his lips. Next time you can fuck me up the ass. I like to show off. I'm sitting on the couch with Melanie face down across my thighs. My hand is caressing her bum and her dress has ridden up.

John calls "Hello" as they come into the room and Melanie rolls on to her back, legs Dadvy apart as usual. Of course, pahties is all deliberate, part of her tease routine. Jason stares at her exposed knickers, his eyes bulging. Perhaps he's not quite so gay after all. He's dressed in a pair of nylon shorts, much bigger and baggier than I like, but looking closely, I can see through them to the white briefs he's wearing.

The next available they got together they made jean. She photographs his cock and he finds her pussy.

He's pretty fucking cute, with his pageboy haircut, big blue eyes and girly face. At first glance, you wouldn't know whether he's a girl or a boy. Either suits me fine. We sit and chat about nothing important for a while, as I try to look up the leg of Jason's shorts, but they're too long. They walk into her room and close the door. Melanie's gonna like this too. She's never been alone in her room with a boy before, especially a boy who's gonna take his clothes off. My cock is hard. She shows me everything anyway.

She even likes me to watch while she takes a pee. We scroll through dozens of provocative pictures of Melanie showing off her underwear, then more of her naked exposing her pussy to the camera, while my hand is gripping John's fuckd cock through his pants. Then we hear Melanie's door open and we go back into the living room. He's wearing the dress that Melanie had on earlier, with white ankle socks. I can see a pair of knickers underneath through the semi-transparent cotton. Then I look at Melanie, and she's naked, except for Jason's white brief underpants.

She looks so hot in them, and I switch my gaze from one to the other, unable to decide which of them is sexier. Then Jason takes the prize by lifting up the front of the dress to show us the white knickers and cotton cami.

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