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The CareGiver Partnership For family caregivers and those associated with caregiving. Helpful and timely information and distriutors across a range of the most sought after issues confronting each of distrributors as caregivers. If you have questions, we are only a phone call away. One of the most important things about a home healthcare business is that you are providing a very important service to people who are confined to their homes. You need ample supplies to be able to cater to their needs. A good distributor of adult diapers will be able to bring you the materials that you need in order to provide your clients with the best service possible.

Search for a supplier that understands the needs of your company and the needs of your customers. An adult diaper supplier will offer several service features, the first of which is an immediate shipment of your order. Often, a home healthcare service will need to order diapers in a very short amount of time. Often enough, the diapers will be needed within a day or two. Providing ample and timely delivery services is a must. Booster pads add capacity to your existing product, often by a lot. Our booster pad section is here.

Try one of distfibutors Dignity products for the biggest bang for your buck. Some add up to sixteen fluid ounces to your product, which is very significant. If you are leaking, first see our Sizing Guide to make sure you are getting the proper fit and that you are using a quality dkstributors How can adult diaper covers help me? Some people find extra security by using a cover up. Daiper this section to see your choices. Covers are usually not necessary, but some people prefer Adult diaper distributors. What additional supplies might Adult diaper distributors need to use?

We recommend some wipes to help clean up, perhaps some gloves, and if odor Avult an issue use an odor eliminator. If your skin is getting chaffed, try a skin cream. My skin gets irritated, what do I do? We have skin creams and ointments that can help this. See this section or try Remedy Skin Care Cream. I have trouble with odor, what do I do? Try an odor eliminator in this section or just try the Carra Scent Odor Eliminator. They are made to absorb, not cover up odors. They can be very effective. Absorbency — this is the amount of fluid that a product absorbs. It is in fluid ounces. A fluid ounce to cups to bladder size conversion chart can be found here.

Adult Cloth Diapers — This is usually reusable diapers with tabs that can be washed times, depending on the product. They are an inexpensive long-term way to treat urinary incontinence. They are a lot like a big cloth baby diaper. They often use snaps or Velcro to get a snug fit. An example is the Ultra-Fit Reusable Brief. Adult Diaper — This is a general term for a pull up, diaper with tabs, incontinence underwear, belted undergarment, or swim diaper that protects the person against incontinence. Adult Diaper Cover — this is a cover that goes over the top of regular incontinence products.

It is reusable and catches any access liquid. Some people feel they give added security. Bariatric Products — see plus sized diapers Belted Undergarment — this is a belt with a large incontinence pad, usually used if the person has a brace or wires connected to them. Some other people prefer them too. Bladder size — the amount a bladder can hold. For adults, it is 16 fluid ounces.

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Click here to see a comparison chart. Booster Pad — This is a pad that adds absorption to an existing incontinence product. Normal incontinence pads are waterproof on one side. Booster pads are not. They absorb their fluid, then pass the rest on to the diaper or brief with tabs, providing more absorption, especially at night. Bowel Incontinence Product — these are products specifically designed for bowel incontinence. They are often made to catch both urine or bowel. The section on this site for them can be found here. Brief — see diaper with tabs Complete Incontinence — see full incontinence Diaper with Tabs - This is an incontinence product, often for heavy or overnight incontinence, that is like a pull up but has tabs on the side for a snugger fit.

This product can also be taken off without removing clothing. Disposable Diapers — any adult diaper that is disposable as opposed to reusable products. Disposable Underpad — this is a disposable pad that is placed on the bedding to protect it and absorb any excess fluid loss. Fecal Incontinence Product — see bowel incontinence product Fit — this is how well a product conforms to your body and size. Fluid ounce — a measurement amount that is used for absorbency in an incontinence product.

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Full Incontinence — This Adult diaper distributors at least 16 ounces of fluid a full bladder per bladder loss. Heavy Incontinence - a product, usually a diaper with tabs or pull up underwear product, that holds up to 16 fluid ounces of liquid per bladder loss during the day. Click here for a fluid ounce to bladder to cups conversion chart. Click here to see our heavy incontinence section. Incontinence Pad — a pad that catches fluid for people with light incontinence. These go in regular underwear usually. Incontinence Panty — this looks like a women's panty, often with lace or a bow, and they double as light to moderate incontinence products.

Incontinence Product — This is a more general term for adult diapers, that also includes pads, underpads, cover-ups and peripheral skin and cleaning products. Light Incontinence — a product, many times a pad, that holds fluid ounces of urine. Click here to see our light incontinence section. Level of Incontinence — This is the level of incontinence that a product is ranked for, whether it be light fluid ounces of containmentmoderate fluid ounces of containment, heavy up to 16 fluid ounces of containmentor overnight 16 fluid ounces of containment or more at night. Each product says what its level of incontinence is for, and a section for determining what product to use is here.

Click here for a fluid ounce to cups to bladder size comparison chart. Moderate Incontiennce — a product, usually a pad or incontinence underwear product, that holds fluid ounces of liquid per bladder loss. Click here to see our moderate incontinence section. Nighttime Incontinence — This is 16 fluid ounces or more of fluid loss at night and the products that go with it. Nighttime incontinence normally requires a diaper with tabs or a pull up rated for that level. Odor Control — this is the type and amount of odor catching in a given product. Overnight Incontinence — a product, usually a diaper with tabs or pull up underwear underwear product, that holds 16 fluid ounces or more of liquid per bladder loss at night.

Click here to see our overnight incontinence section. Plus Sized Diapers — this is a larger size adult diaper product. The plus size category can be found here. Pull up — This is an incontinence product, often for heavy or overnight incontinence, that looks and feels more like regular underwear and pulls up like a pair of underwear. This is the most common type of product for full incontinence, probably because it seems to keep dignity better. Puppy Pad — this is a pad that protects an incontinent dog or puppy needing help with potty training. Puppies have these problems too!

Reusable Adult Diapers — This dishributors a general term that Adklt adult Aduly diapers, incontinence underwear, and cover-ups. Reusable Products — This is a general term that includes reusable adult diapers as well as reusable pads and underpads. Reusable Underpad disrtibutors this is a reusable pad that is placed on bedding to protect it from excess fluid loss. Stress Incontinence Adult diaper distributors This is a light incontinence condition that usually makes people lose a small amount of fluid when they cough, sneeze, exercise, etc. It can usually be treated with a simple pad. Swim Diaper — this is an adult diaper that helps bowel incontinent people go back in the pool.

SensiSoft fabric for a soft, comfortable feel against the skin. Soft anti-leak guards and an ultra-absorbency core provide wetness protection. The acquisition and dryness layer wicks moisture away from the skin and into the core for ideal dryness and leakage protection. Linear embossing technology distributes fluid throughout the core for exceptional dryness and containment. Size printed on the back sheet identifies product size for a better fit and improves ease of care. Soft, breathable back sheet provides increased comfort.

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