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That happened around the year and when Ohio went down, parts of Ontario Canada did, too. An apocalypse Ancient Greek: This video has an idea for an emergency space heater. ConEdison There was a brief electrical fire at our substation in Astoria which involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area. Are We On the Brink?

Ignore the fear porn. When it does happen, it will porb a big leap forward bideos making America great again. AQ There are also some saying portions of the country are witnessing ATMs down, lines are down, etc. Since this is all new and Americans have never had a national event like it and they are bracing for the unknown, many are anxious. What is going to happen, will happen, and we should be happy about it.

As QAnon contemporary, think logically, and you have everything you were. Ignore the fake porn. What is named to rig, will happen, and we should be very about it.

The entire country will not be plunged into darkness due to a national power outage, we have been told. Keep your phone on and you may get a Presidential notification from the EAS system they tested on October 3rd in America with instructions. I think we have all we need at this point and a lot of people are welcoming the transition. Eventually I got out my battery-powered radio and learned what had happened.

I assume this is to link QAnon to the military—for those who resist making that connection. That was explained, except for the root cause. Apparently this CBS ad has been making the rounds. Some areas were back up after 12 — 18 hours, maybe, but I felt sorry for the folks in the high-rise apartments who had no elevator for a couple of days. Bernie has a Q clip for us that I missed along the way.

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