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Why Do More Latina Teens Get Pregnant?

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But, Christina, do you agree with the latun to reduce to pregnancies? There's a couple basics we want to make sure we get clear from the very beginning. We're talking about boys as well.

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Someone said to me, you know, have havjng dance program for young girls after school so they have something to go to and do. And so when it came time to make a decision in terms girla carrying on with the pregnancy or having an abortion, that definitely played a role in my decision to continue with the pregnancy. But, Jane, why do we consistently seem to see Latinas having the highest rate of teen births? I just wasn't focused. So there isn't that lapsed time where he's just kind of hanging out unsupervised. And in one case, it can be something that motivates someone, in another case it may be something that is not thought of in a positive way.

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She would be willing to take us to see our family practitioner if we Lusten birth control. Yes, that's what is so - that's why you have to look beyond the numbers in each situation because what forms that young woman and that young man's decisions, they vary from situation to situation. I've also been very diligent about keeping him involved in afterschool activities. It has to be part of our society.

We often think of - among the Latino community, people often say, well, gigls part of the culture is a religious, a strong religious background, and very often it includes starting a family early. Is it at the home? There's definitely the values of Catholicism that we were raised with by our grandparents. It's not enough to say that if we are to reduce teen pregnancy rates that it's going to solve that issue of poverty among Latinos. You know, it concerns me how we sexualize young girls and then get surprised when they get pregnant.

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