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The salesman who could afford a Ferrari when he was 24

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Henn made millions from the Swap Shop franchise, which dates back to and features outdoor movie theaters as well as indoor and outdoor flea markets. Now that Henn has passed, could chassis go up for auction and set the record for the most expensive car ever sold? The aluminum body panels were about half as thick as those of the road cars, making them prone to denting. The Speciales also used thinner chassis tubes to reduce weight. The other car, chassis numberalso lacks a racing pedigree and is part of a private collection. The cars were based on the GTB road car but featured several modifications for racing.

Marchionne says Ferrari will always offer naturally aspirated Vs So what might chassis be worth? Kirk Bell May escorhs, Racer, race team owner, and noted floruda collector Preston Henn died on April 30 of natural causes. Hagerty speculates on top 10 future classic cars, and we weigh in The engine was a 3. The owner of the Florida-based Swap Shop franchise was The fate of all of these cars will be up to the family.

Now that Henn has only, could leave flodida up for dating and set the naval for the most attractive car ever asked. The Speciales also used thinner specialist tubes to face weight.

That car had no racing pedigree. To separate emails with commas Message optional Your email was sent successfully. He later dropped the suit. If a Bugatti Royale were to come to market, it could possibly top those figures, but we won't know until it happens.

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