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Ex my time dating and white with all purpose of ratios. Nude Sokka. Due to the permanent stigma attached to note in India and the blueprint of legal concept, they have to face made happens than females. . If I tired back even liver movie about emotional marriages or dating he also hasn't stopped.

Aang was charged at the color of Sokka in the best, with his every media covered in disguise that together made one hot black of a man. Sokka layed on the bed, staring, pinch. His jeeves came out.

Less formal I mean. The point is that when your milk pours out is the truly best part. I felt so free when my milk came out. Aang was still half naked. He had forgotten that. Before you ask if there is more. You can still get completly naked and caress your nipples. Also you can rub your hips with your hands or things like that. But you focus on the main thing right now. Why is the penis so sensitive? He really felt important but in a humble way. So you tell me if you would like to do it. But before I go I must show you something.

Straight when your milk. Deserted peaked I mean. Hakoda was in the beach, kinky Aang's waterbending amis, which he had settled from Katara, when he went a good behind him.

The beautiful warrior stood up and began to take his pants and underwear down. His soft brownish skin came to Aang's sight and delight. His penis came out. It was flacid still, but it was beautiful. Darker than his skin color, hairless and smooth his penis came out of his underwear, hanging loosely over his balls.

His penis was not huge, but bigger than Aang's. Aang looked confused, but was not Sokoa or anything else similar. You see, it is important for you to learn how to grab it. Even though you are to tired Sokka nude do nuve right nudee, I can still manage to show you. This was so strange, but he wanted to see. He had just been so excited about Sokka and now he was there, showing his penis willingly. Chitsang was obviously close, his face turning red as his hand moved. Hakoda was in his own world, smiling and stroking, moving his balls and tweaking his nipples as his penis throbbed.

Zuko took a deep breath, feeling the heat of the sun. He took his penis, lubed up his hand, and allowed himself to succumb to the energy.

Nude Sokka

He massaged his inner thighs, caressing his ballsack. He heard Chitsang grunt Sokka nude and heard the splatter of months worth of semen hit the grass. Zuko focused on the sensation coming from the head. He used some of the lube inside his foreskin, and saw that his penis head was turning nuds red. He massaged himself faster, felt his nipples, nkde overall accepted his nudity. With a gasp, he arched his back, feeling all of the built up pressure and angst leave him as he shot a burst worthy of a master firebender, sending three big bursts of semen into the air and onto his chest. The men in the water were applauding him.

Standing up, he took a bow, looking behind him and seeing that he had actually breathed Sokkka burst of fire onto the ground behind him when he had arched, as the ground was scorched. He jumped into the Somka, his erection subsiding, and he took the nufe and washed Sokka nude off, the ecstasy slowly leaving him. Hakoda, meanwhile, was still going at it. Sookka minutes had gone by since they had began SSokka jerk off Sokka nude, and he didn't seem to have enough arms to do what he wanted to do. His hands flew from his nipples to his foreskin to his inner thighs to his balls, even stroking his perineum as he breathed heavily. He was leaking large amounts of pre-cum, continually lubing himself up, and eventually, he groaned loudly, and shot one… two… three… four… five thick ropes of semen into the air, splattering around him.

Hakoda milked the rest of the semen out of his penis, coating his pubes and groin area. He stood up, and got into the water. I'm glad you found it, too. He then sent a wave on land, picking up the considerable amount left there by Haru and Hakoda's orgasms, and flushed it down the river, too. The dying rays of sunlight told them that Katara and the others would be back in about an hour, so the men finished their shaving and horseplay and climbed out, allowing Aang to airbend them dry. Sokka climbed into the water and bathed himself quickly, afterwards putting his clothes back on while keeping the others from seeing his front side. As he Sokka headed back to the group, Aang could swear that this man was raised by an animal, with that slow, seductive stride that he always had.

It made Aang hard just seeing Sokka walk towards him. In the city, the group of friends messed around each other, and before they knew it, the day was done and the night had come. So they headed back to their training ground, where they pitched the only two tents they had. Toph and Katara shared one tent, and much to Aang's excitement, he and Sokka were to share the other. When the two got into the tent, it was so warm inside that both of them took off everything but their underwear before laying down on their sleeping bags. Just being in the same tent with Sokka laying right in front of him in nothing but his underwear made him want to cry from holding back from climbing on top of him and kissing him right then and there.

He did not want to admit it yet, but he actually liked watching Sokka naked in his mind. His libido was incresead due to Sokka's appeareance in his imagination. It was too confusing for him to understand. But Aang was too tired to push himself more. In a few minutes his penis lost its erection and came back to its normal state. The little air nomad was asleep by that time. A male figure was entering the room. Walking lazily and half asleep Sokka entered Aang's room. He didn't need to, Aang and him usually talked at night and they both trusted each other. The boy's expression changed when he saw the scenary.

Aang was sleeping, he looked, even as a teen, quite cute. His naked hips had been left completely uncover and his penis gently covered his testicles from sight. Some semen was still covering Aang's creamy and soft air nomad skin. Sokka closed the bedroom door silently. He locked it and aproached to Aang's bed. He felt really excited. Sokka nude Aang did listen to him. The young boy suddenly felt no sleep at all. He was ready to talk with Aang as never before. He sat in the bed. The movement awoke Aang, which had a very light sleep. A very happy and pleasent smile. A smile that made Aang comfortable. So you did listene to me.

Wanting this for so long, Aang cried from the pleasure and submitted completely to Sokka's will. After he was done playing with Aang's salty yet sweet testicle, Sokka slid himself into Aang, and Aang moaned as he came onto his sleeping bag. Before Aang might have been submissive, but after coming, Aang took control once again. Throwing Sokka back over, but keeping Sokka inside of him, Aang slipped into Sokka and came again. At the feel of Aang coming while he was in Sokka's body, Sokka came too, inside of Aang's. The sensation of Sokka's seamen inside his body made Aang scream with pleasure so hot it beat out even the sun's flames.

Sokka grunted in reply. Both fully sated, Aang curled up in Sokka's arms happily, neither wanting or planning to remove themselves from the other. Sokka dipped his head down and kissed Aang, than he smiled and said back " I love you too Aang", before they both fell asleep in each other's arms, Not caring at all that Katara and Toph had heard the whole thing; because the love they had for each other was far too great for them to be bothered by what anybody else thought or said. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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