Anger and sex

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Anger & Partners of Sex Addicts

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It is safe to say that if anxiety can be mistaken for sexual arousal despite a severe difference in a physiological factor then anger, which does not have the difference, can be too. Another reason that anger and sexual arousal may be so similar is evolutionary adaptation. In times of conflict it would be necessary to ensure dominance by producing an heir, and also eliminate the competition to that heir by wiping out the offspring of others.

Thus, having anger and sexual arousal so close to each other would serve an evolutionary advantage: In lion prides when a new male takes over, it is common for them to kill the cubs of other males — this triggers the females to immediately go into heat and the new lion impregnates them with his own offspring. Having the emotions of anger and sexual arousal so linked together have ultimately been beneficial as it means there is no rest period between the two, meaning both activities — defeating the competition and siring an heir — can be done with the most time and energy efficiency. Anger in and of itself often is a coverup for other painful feelings, such as embarrassment, shame, humiliation, fear and sadness.

Sideways anger often simmers just beneath the surface and can be very vengeful and destructive. Some helpful techniques to deal with anger are: At the same time, healthful expression of anger means knowing we are angry. Make the choice to examine what the consequences of acting out in anger are prior to engaging in hurtful behaviors that could potentially damage our relationships and self-esteem.

And sex Anger

Anger can be positive. Another is the stress response system Amger, which responds to all manner of potential threats with GO fight or flight or STOP freeze responses. Another is the attachment system Angger, which responds to attachment cues and makes you feel in love and stuff. All of them are functioning all the time, responding to different kinds of cues. They interact too, suppressing or activating each other. The key bit here: In this same scenario, he may find that his anger is protective in that it shields him from allowing himself to be vulnerable, and hence be hurt again by another woman.

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His subjective experience is often one of anxiety, which defends him from coming into contact with the anger and hostility submerged beneath. Sometimes, the man may sfx himself in touch with these angry impulses, but then be so confused and disturbed by them that the relaxation and flow required for sexual pleasure becomes impossible. These men may have encountered the experience of having intense and pleasurable sex with their partner only when enraged, at which time they may allow themselves sanction to treat their innocent beloved Madonna as a broken whore.

For these men, they may be in more touch with their anger and it often feels dangerous and problematic— they feel like they cannot just give their impulses free reign and the resulting anxiety and confusion is experienced as a killjoy and erection killer. I can go on forever.

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