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Katherine Stephnaie of Bed's Anatomy landed the plenty for the extent film, One for the Violenceexcused on January 27, She rubs steamy "Elevator Servant" and she sometimes says where she lives.

He is usually called in when Stephanie blows up a car or finds a dead body. Eddie is married to Stephanie's cousin Shirley-the-Whiner. Eddie is also usually one of the first people on the scene when something happens to Stephanie. Tank[ edit ] Tank is Ranger's right-hand man. He is pure muscle, and starting in Twelve Sharp, he starts going out with Lula. By Fearless Fourteen, Lula and Tank are engaged after she tricks him. The engagement is called off in Plum Spooky. This is indicated by the sentence in Chapter Five, "Tank's eyes were blank and his face went gray under the brown. In Book 5 when Tank is first introduced he is in a group of three men, two African-American and one undetermined.

The undetermined man speaks and it is not Tank. It is also later mentioned in Fearless Fourteen, he is definitely African-American. In Lean Mean Thirteen, while Tank is in the hospital after being shot, we learn that his real first name is Pierre. Although, according to Ranger, "Tank isn't overly fond of being named Pierre. Randy Briggs[ edit ] First appeared in High Five. Briggs is a little person and a computer programmer. After Stephanie trashes his apartment while trying to apprehend him, he moves into her apartment, and the two eventually become friends and sometimes allies, though he has "the personality of a hyperactive raccoon.

Joe Juniak[ edit ] Juniak was once a Trenton police officer, but during the series he has been mayor of Trenton. He was running for a state position as well.

Plum midget Stephanie

Bestler[ edit ] Mrs. Bestler is a senior citizen who lives in Stephanie's building. She enjoys playing "Elevator Operator" and she sometimes forgets where she lives. Dillon Ruddick[ edit ] Dillon is the Stephnaie supervisor at Nidget apartment building. He lives in the basement, and on numerous occasions, he has helped Stephanie take care of her unit in exchange for a six-pack. Stepanie Stiva[ edit Stephanif Stiva owned his own funeral parlor, known Stephanie plum midget the best in the Burg. In Eleven on Top, Stiva, acting as midtet stepson who died in the firethreatens Stephanie, who is getting close to spoiling his plans to retrieve some loot he and some companions stole years before.

He causes Stephanie to burn down the Cluck-in-a-Bucket that she was working at. He is arrested, and in later books, his funeral parlor is being run by two gay men. Car death[ edit ] Stephanie is infamous for destroying cars, for which she has been dubbed the "Bombshell Bounty Hunter" in the local paper. She has had cars repossessed, stolen, stripped, wrecked, crushed by burning garbage trucks, and smashed into little cubes. Over time, she has had to resort to a truck with a bad radiator, a mismatch of two cars called a Rollswagen, and a series of other clunkers. Ranger often supplies her with a high-end SUV or sports car, but these fare no better than her other vehicles.

To her regret, Stephanie is often forced to resort to her Great-Uncle Sandor's seemingly indestructible, powder blue Buick Roadmasteraka "Big Blue", that now belongs to Grandma Mazur.

Most pulm admire Big Blue as a classic; Stephanie hates it, considering it unwieldy and pplum gas hog, not to mention much too conspicuous, but more often than she likes, she finds herself driving it. Big Blue's biggest advantage as far as Stephanie is concerned plm that it seems to be nearly indestructible; every accident Plum has been in with the car has ,idget in either no damage or only scratches to the paint even when the other car is smashed inwards ; even a bomb attached to the car failed to explode. Stephanie quoted that if the seat was taken out that, "It would probably regenerate".

Not that there is anything wrong with that - after all, she and Morelli split a while ago over differences of how they perceive marriage and commitment I thought that was over with you two when you moved out. You don't have to worry about shaving your legs. Needless to say, typical for our characters chaos ensues and at least two cars meet their maker And really, wonder tool. Is this what women really want to hear, doo-dah and wonder tool? So, I know I just ranted about a series that I love and an author who I respect, but that is what makes me so passionate about the series.

Janet Evanovich has settled into a simple plot line that is basically Stephane same in every book. There is not greater narrative development migdet. Things are at a standstill. To add to all of Stephanie's problems, Morelli informs her that Benito Ramirez, the psychopathic boxer who stalked her in One for the Money has been released from prison. Ramirez begins stalking her again, despite her best efforts to protect herself. Stephanie is unsettled when Ranger offers her the use of a Porsche Turbo to drive as a "company car" while working for him.

Things are at a slut. She has had fingers crossed, stolen, Sephanie, wrecked, redeeming by luxury garbage trucks, and challenging into strong cubes. The thong is span off in Public Interracial.

She loves the car, but Stephanie plum midget unable to shake the fear that Ranger will demand something from her in the future - and that she will be unable to refuse. While she is struggling with her reluctance to commit to Morelli, she is livid when she drives by his house and sees him in conversation with his ex-girlfriend, Terry Gilman. Stephanie's suspicions are heightened when the receptionist at the garbage company is found shot to death, and then another employee, Larry Lipinski, apparently commits suicide, leaving behind a note confessing to the receptionist's murder. Even stranger, an employee at the cable company is killed around the same time.

Lula likes to eat. She likes fried chicken and donuts. Sometimes she has to stop in the midst of a chase, and Lula is not one for being surreptitious. She wants to bust right in and clunk the guy. She also has a great way of keeping an FTA down. She sits on them. Neither is ready for a complete commitment, but Joe wants it exclusive. Their relationship begins simply with the mysterious golden-skinned Ranger aiding the new bounty hunter in tracking down and capturing an FTA. But Ranger finds the svelte redhead to be extremely attractive and decides to keep watch over her. Then there is Bob. Bob has an unfulfillable appetite. He will eat anything.

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